“2018 is the Year of the Supernatural!” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [VIDEO]

Watch (again) as Pastor Chris announces prophetic utterance for 2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!

"You’re going to see the unexpected; you’re about to see the unimaginable," the man of God, Pastor Chris, announced as he qualified the message of the Holy Spirit to His church for 2018, 'the Year of the Supernatural'!

Hearts of congregants swelled with anticipation and faith with every word, as the BLW President took us on a journey from Leviticus Chapter 25 through several scriptures to John 7:37-38. Each person watched from churches and fellowships and via LoveWorld stations, terrestrial networks, the Pastor Chris Online website, CeFLIX and other platforms, eagerly anticipating the word for the year.

The response from participants in the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris was unanimous and rousing, as the people jumped up, shouted, spoke in tongues and congratulated one another, convinced that the year has been sealed in glory. "You’re about to see the ministry of the Holy Ghost like never before," Pastor Chris assured the congregants.

Watch the moments again in the featured video, and remember to like, comment and bless others by sharing on all social media platforms. Congratulations again, and welcome to supernatural supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health like you never experienced before!

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Kalu Roselyn about 3 hours
146691713849 tempavatar665948281
Theresa Owete 9 days
karibu, Welcome To Kenya 12 days
this is my our best year yet! praise God!
Bismark Raymond Fynn 12 days
Matipaishe 12 days
The ministry of the Holy Ghost like never before, boy! In 2018, I'm Ghosting. Thank you my dear Pastor Sir, God had me in mind when He sent you. It's a privilege and honor to hear the anointed teachings of the Word of God that you so unselfishly share. I can never be grateful to the Lord enough.
Chrisma Asa 13 days
Hallelujah. I am of You my dearest Pastor Sir. Hallelujah
Chrisma Asa 13 days
I love You my dearest Pastor Sir Sir.
151525977910 tempavatar426387948
Gloria okrija 13 days
Alice Gondwe 14 days
marie b teah 14 days
151518931363 viberimagelydia
lydia sobayeni 14 days
glory to God i comply i have no choice but to comply shakatarababayee
Helen Oloyede 15 days
Victoria Mlobeli 15 days
Glory to the Lord!! Thank you Pastor Chris Sir, I love you.
151465448989 tempavatar1438184408
bro Dickson kasimu 16 days
glory to God
149301705127 tempavatar1472204281
Melki 16 days
Nancy Digai 16 days
Thank you Lord Jesus,for Such an awesome year ,2018 lam free l never struggle again,for is not by power nor by might but by your Spirit l key into the prophesy my life will never Remain the same again lam connected to witness the unexpected Hallelujah glory to God Almighty father for love Amen
147971860529 tempavatar878285458
Vera Dizigbordi Abielekpor 16 days
maranatha el 16 days
I can never ask for more. This is more than enough. yes dear lord, Whatever proceeds from you Sir is always more than enough. A syrophonesian woman with a possessed,sick child knew this a long time ago when she asked for even the crumbs that could fall from your table. she knew it would be enough to heal her child. For all I have asked for, even the crumbs are more than sufficient. Thank you my more than enough God. Thank you dear Lord for our Testimonies! Thank You you that sorted Hannah out even when her prophet called her a drunkard, You sorted out Abraham and Sarah when age odds were against them, you sorted out Zechariah and Elizabeth likewise, My Lord you sorted out Mary even when she was accused of fornication. Some of these people believed and received. Some did not, you gave. Outside opinion went this way but, you were that way. Your way worked. I believe Lord and I love you. We will do big things for you this 2018. My world is already tumbled for you. Not by Might....
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Victorious Victoria 16 days
Glory to God for his Oracle. Thank you Pastor for delivering The Word and directing our steps with forward. Yes Lord, I receive the word for the year 2018. . This is my year of The Supernatural.
maranatha el 16 days
More than I can ever ask or think, My God has granted me. It is my year of The Supernatural.God's interventions, God's interventions, God's interventions where I and men would call it quits. where my strengths met locked doors, disqualifications,loses. God Himself has take stage. The unexpected happens to me. I tumble my world for Jesus in 2018. Greater works halleluia☝️Thank you Jesus! Thank you man of God.