281,000 Asian Youths Embrace Glad Tidings through BLW Zone J’s Online Outreach

The mindset of youths from 33 nations across Asia impacted with hope and faith by the Word.

281,341 youths from 33 Counties in the continent of Asia participated in the much-anticipated online programs, tagged ‘the Young People of South Korea’ and ‘the Beautiful People of India’.

It was a glorious time of upgrade as the esteemed Zonal Secretary, Pastor Henry Akasili, supplanted the mentality of poverty, unemployment, frustration and suicide-inducing depression in the hearts of the youths with God's word. "God knows that man cannot help himself, so he packaged the solution in a document — the Bible,” he said, teaching participants from China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan and more that there’s a higher life. 

As the Meeting concluded, the esteemed Pastor Henry commended the people to the bestseller, ‘the Power of Your Mind’ and a short clip by the man of God, Pastor Chris. Watch inspiring video excerpts from the program in the featured video.

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Joshua Osehon 8 months
Glory to God! So mightily grew the word in Asia and prevailed. Thank You Sir for leading us in this victory parade. #blwzonej
Solomon Isahwoze 8 months
Wow!!! So inspiring.... So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.
147112238320 tempavatar 2055149504
Enene Igbecha 8 months
Glory to God forevermore!!! Congratulations! #BlwZoneC #BLWUnilag
153692859298 tempavatar1607849869
Sis Carol EAVZ3 CE ENTEBBE 8 months
indeed,their minds will be transformed
Clinton Mabilo 8 months
Pastor Moses Olayemi 8 months
Great meeting. weldone mog
Ph spread 9 months
Congratulations Esteemed Pastor and the lovely people of BLW Zone J
Iloba Victor Somto 9 months
Glorryyy...what an inspiring message... I love you Pastor Sir #blwzonej
151905585347 tempavatar2070367783
carine zoe 9 months
Pastor Pearl 9 months
well done esteemed Pastor Henry @teamzoneJ #BLWCampusMInistry #posticplcfire
Pastor Pearl 9 months
kubam margaret 9 months
This is the set time for the word ofGod to cover the earth as the water cover the sea. glory to God.
Victor Amaechi 9 months
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is a glorious Move of the Spirit. The Doors of all Nations are opened. Thank You Pastor Sir, For Leading us and I am Priveledge to be a Part of this Move. #Blwzonej
Joyce Ncube 9 months
153531491874 tempavatar1887385988
Gentle Eyisi 9 months
Pastor Charles Azikiwe 9 months
Glory to God...we are shaking the world of our time. Thank you Pastor Sir for such a glorious opportunity to be a part of this great move of the Spirit.
Pheonie Cunningham 9 months
Glory to God. This is the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in His sight. These nations will never be the same. The youths will change their cities forever. Oh Hallelujah
Pascal Ndeze 9 months
Hallelujah It's so Glorious God is doing Mighty work in Asia
Clinton Okundia 9 months
Hallelujah!!! Thank You Sir for ever leading us in the match in conquering territories. The blood stained banner of Jesus will be planted in every nation and city, town and village, in the hearts of all men. #blwzonej
145782230668 dsc01369
Pastor Michael Njoku 9 months
Wow! What a wonder!