508 Teens Begin Journey with Christ at ‘Teenz Ablaze’ with Pastor Freedom

Pastor Freedom equips 1,800 youths with tools to live as champions in a vibrant ‘Teenz Ablaze’ program.

The destinies of over 1,800 teenagers was influenced for the positive on Saturday, January 27th, as the converged from all over Johannesburg for 'Teenz Ablaze' with the esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya, hosted at Christ Embassy Randburg 2.

Cross-section of attendees in the auditorium.

The atmosphere was charged with youthful energy as attendees sang along with the Teens' Choir and enjoyed various ministrations in creative arts. The program featured dance presentations from Ayavaya Amplified and the Teens' Dance Group, to which the congregation danced along. Exquisite talent was on display with young rappers like Steez, Olubi and Emmanuel, as well as other music and spoken word artistes, Oyinda and Live.

Special ministration by one of a teens' dance group.

Pastor Freedom shared on three things necessary to live the life of a champion; he taught the teens to develop their talents and gifts, practise their believing and practise the act and life of prayer. At the altar call, 508 teenagers were moved by the Holy Ghost to begin their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The esteemed Zonal Director leads 508 teenagers in the prayer of salvation.

The program also featured a talk show on different challenges faced by teens and how to overcome and crush teen pressures. No attendee was left without an indelible imprint of God's Word on their hearts to last a lifetime.

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Glory to God...
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precious Father I Bless your Name Halleluiah
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beautiful. Teens Ablaze in Christ.@
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Wow glory to God...they will never be the same again...