As One that Dreamed

The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, concluded the message of the month at the April 2014 Global Fasting & Prayer Communion Service in an overflow of remarkably specific words of knowledge.  The anointing to bring the Spirit’s word to pass was so strong, reminding all in attendance that Jesus Christ is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever. 

One of the inspiring words of knowledge was a word for a person in Zimbabwe.  With a remarkable level of detail, Pastor Chris described the subject as one who had 3 long incisions on their head and had experienced consistent failure which led to extreme frustration—one that the subject at some point believed could only end if they committed suicide.  The man of God ended the word of knowledge with a word of encouragement and strength for the subject, saying “Do not give up. God loves you!” 

Quickly after the Communion Service, a testimony came in from sis Patience Makwanda of Christ Embassy Bindura in Zimbabwe.  She narrated her story, stating that she has suffered and failed in business severely within the past five years.  According to sis Patience, she had received incisions on her head through traditional healers.  She confessed to a frustrated life due to an unwanted pregnancy a few years ago that caused her to end up in a polygamous marriage that has since plagued her.  She also mentioned a series of deaths and sicknesses in her family with an unknown cause.  

Sis Patience testifies that, as the man of God ministered, her heartbeat raced and she felt a movement in her body.  Concerning her life, she says “my situation has changed.” Hallelujah! Sis Patience thanks God for the ministry of the man of God who has brought God’s message of love and light into her circumstances.  She will never be the same again!

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