A New Level of Ministry

The drawing of curtains on this year’s ISMMN Conference with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wednesday, the 9th of April 2014 witnessed the drawing of curtains on this year’s International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD in Johannesburg, South Africa.  As time drew closer to the beginning of the final session, the air frenzied with heightened expectations and excitement brewing in the hearts of all attending ministers

After a time of intense prayer and heavenly worship, the ISM cell report talk show segment continued from the previous day.  Anchored by the Chairman of the ISM, Pastor Andrew Motundoro, the talk show was full of testimonies of the impact of the ISM cell ministry. One of the panelists, Pastor Robert from Uganda, summarized that, through the ISM cell ministry, he had obtained unusual grace, resulting in 300 new members joining his church and an opportunity to start a cell group in Malaysia.

Also sharing his exploits was the cell leader from Zambia who explained how his leadership in the ISM has impacted in his life, congregation and locality. He shared an instructive and fundamental truth, saying “To be an effective Pastor, you have to have expected and planned results”. Pastor Judah from Kenya also testified, expounding on how the ISM cell ministry has equipped him to carry out ministry effortlessly; taking an unconventional approach as led by the Spirit of God, his ministry sponsored a golf club tournament in Kenya and distributed thousands of copies of our Messenger Angel – the Rhapsody of Realities by Pastors Chris and Anita Oyakhilome.

In the same session, Pastor Andrew gave some ministers the opportunity to discuss the impact of the ISM on their lives.  A Bishop from Burkina Faso testified of the anointing that was added to her life for marvelous wonders and miracles through the ISM.  Pastor James from Kenya also shared a touching account: having been attacked by eye cancer at the age of 4, the doctors gave a report after inoculating his left eye that he would never live to see his fourth birthday. During the talk show, he said “The Doctors sent me home to die…For 30 years, I lived in fear and hated myself…Pastor Chris taught me about Zoe (the God-kind of life) and literally resurrected me when I came in 2007. “

These testimonies had every minister’s heart racing in excitement and expectation for the new level of ministry they had just stepped into by reason of the 3-day conference.  One truth rang through every testimony: indeed, the International School of Ministry is an integral part of God’s strategy in building a formidable end-time Church. Hallelujah!

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