Watch: Ever Wondered What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is the broad name for a wide ranging group of over 100 diseases. Though there are various kinds of cancer, all cancers start because abnormal cells grow out of control.

Every year, more people die from cancer than from AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

All around the world, over 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer while 8 million people die as a result of it yearly.

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects that without immediate action, the global number of deaths from cancer will increase by nearly 80% by 2030, with most occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

In this insightful video, Pastor Chris expounds on the true cause of cancer

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saint barbara over 2 years
Divine health is mine.
saint barbara over 2 years
Thank you Pastor Sir. We can never hate anybody.
146824158861 tempavatar 70671554
Ehiosun Vincent almost 4 years
We do away with bitterness. Thank you Pastor sir.
Zakithi Bulunga CeSwaziland about 4 years
thank you Pastor
144519114701 tempavatar 1197378307
Fadiatu Hassan about 4 years
Bitterness shall never be the root of cancer in me I testify # ukzone2blwcentral
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Majok Ajing over 4 years
Thank you for your attention and good advice
144819966235 tempavatar 1811592809
DEXTER SIMMY over 4 years
Wow! Thank you so much Reverend Doctor Chris Oyakhilome for sharing this revelation with us
144422533575 tempavatar1507546236
godfrey maparanyanga over 4 years
Thank you so much pastor sir...# CE GLENNORAH B ZONE 5 ZIMBABWE. .
judith iyamu almost 5 years
Bitterness is not of God glory to Jesus that this has been revealed thank you my Able Pastor.
Frank Kusi Appiah about 5 years
Thank you so very much , Pastor.
Prince Dickson about 5 years
Hmmmmmm, what an insight this is wonderful.. Thank you so much pastor.
Glory about 5 years
Thank you pastor, Sir! I love you! Sir We are spirit beings and bitterness is spiritual when continually fed with anger and unforgiving attitude, it's affect the physical body. Humbling spirit is very sweet and leads to life full of grace, greatness, DIVINE HEALTH, peace with prosperity , joy, laugher and value for people everywhere our Lord Jesus die for. Bitterness is produce by a proud spirit, our Heavenly Father detest that spirit! Thanks pastor, Sir for teaching me and bring me up in The Lord!!!! Love rules and love is the greatest force in earth and LOVE IS GOD!!!!!
Justice Arthur about 5 years
Wow! what a Revelation!
NaaZoe about 5 years
Thanks for this insight Pastor