When Sickness Defies Medical Science

Watch: Pastor Chris demonstrates the superiority of the Name of Jesus over demons and diseases

The numerous remarkable breakthroughs and major discoveries in medical science and technology have greatly contributed to the preservation of lives, and to man’s unprecedented ability to cure and eradicate all manner of sickness and disease.

However, in the midst of these mind blowing, gigantic leaps and innovation; there are singular unique cases that defy medical treatment.

In Luke 13:11-16, the Lord Jesus Christ teaches that there are spirits of infirmity that bind people through sickness and they cannot be cured till the spirit is cast out. This teaching is further buttressed by the story of the woman with the issue of blood who had suffered a condition of hemorrhaging for twelve long years which had defied all forms medical treatment, impoverishing her in the process (Mark 5:25-34).

But there is hope...watch Pastor Chris demonstrate the superiority of the Name of Jesus over demons and diseases in this video.

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maud palm over 3 years
Hallelujah! the Name of Jesus works! Gloryyyy
somina susan Erekosima over 5 years
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Fadiatu Hassan over 5 years
Every knee bows at the mention of the name of JESUS#blwzone2
obeto christian over 5 years
power of GOD at work
144422533575 tempavatar1507546236
godfrey maparanyanga about 6 years
This is remarkable. .. Thank you sir. ...# CE GLENNORAH B ZONE 5 ZIMBABWE. .
144555064135 tempavatar 563234053
Josephine Amponsah about 6 years
God Is God.
tendai mhingwa about 6 years
Glory to God. I am a seed of Abraham. daughter of Abraham
Aurelius Osei about 6 years
Halm Ivan Bubune over 6 years
wisdomjerry over 6 years
Glory over 6 years
Glorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry to Jesus forever and ever amen!!!!!!!! The king of kings rules
Maxwell Akwasi Afranie Bediako over 6 years
Can't stop watching this power demonstration. Am stirred!
NaaZoe over 6 years
Oh glory to God!
Wole over 6 years
No not one demon or myriad of demons can stand the power of God. That's the power God has put in his children. Thank you Pastor for the information and revelation you have brought to us.