24 Hours till Healing Service

Event Countdown: 24 Hours to the 4th and final Healing Service of the Healing School Autumn Session 2014 with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From counting days, now we are counting 96 ... 72 ... 48 ... and officially less than 24 hours to go to the 4th and final Healing Service of the Healing School Autumn Session 2014 with Pastor Chris in Johannesburg, South Africa holding this Sunday, 20th of April, 2014. Since the beginning of the session in February, leading to the first healing service, which held on the 9th of March 2014, the past three (3) Healing Services have been nothing short of extraordinary and completely life changing.  Resplendent expression of the Miraculous, Wonders, miracles and testimonies and a time of visitation have indeed been noteworthy descriptions for these three (3) services respectively. Up until now, there exists an avalanche of testimonies received from the graduates of the earlier services that are yet to be proclaimed to the world.

From the reports received from the orientation classes, which held about two weeks, it's clear that the students are ecstatic in eager expectation to receive their healings. Commonplace now are the shouts of 'Glory' and victory notes resounding from the students because they know deep within their spirits that the day is their day. And come tomorrow, 20th of April, the hearts of the students are overflowing with prevailing faith, prepared and ready for the God-life welling up within them (which they often joyously sing about) to be inundated with the special healing anointing from our man of God, Pastor Chris.
"I have a strong conviction within me, that this 4th healing service with Pastor Chris will witness the move of God's Spirit in greater measures never seen before in the previous healing services. ", said one of the staff members of the Healing school. Indeed, there exists no doubt in anyone’s heart that this 4th and last Healing Service in Johannesburg this year will be an Express Manifestation of Greater Miracles. Having witnessed the past healing services, there is no telling what greater levels of miracles to expect, as anything is absolutely possible. 

So, as we keep counting 22, 21, 20 ... the excitement keeps mounting, glorious expressions of joy and laughter beaming on the faces of the students and expectations reaching fever pitch ... for the 4th ... the final and another day to show to the whole world that miracles are real, they are for today and Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday, today and forever. See you then!

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