Day 3 of the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris

Event Update: International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris [Day 3]

For 3 days, delegates of the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris have been devouring the Word of God and drinking into the Holy Spirit unhindered.  In addition to this primary purpose of spiritual re-focusing, all 200+ delegates representing several countries from all continents of the world have enjoyed their time in fellowship with one another.  The 3rd day of the Easter Youth Camp started with a memorable experience at the Gold Reef City Theme Park; many of the campers were so excited to be visiting a theme park for the very first time.  This outing, among others, has strengthened the bond of brotherhood and love among the campers who have vowed to stay connected in their journey into the greater exploits of God’s Spirit after the camp.

The evening service on the 3rd day began with ethereal moments of worship and presentations from fellow campers that brought laughter, tears and joy to the hearts of all present.  The orange team (campers aged 16 to 18) sang a moving song in line with the theme of this year’s camp, encouraging one another as they sang “though your light may be reaching only two or three, light your world!” 

The highlight of the day for delegates was a special ministration by the Director of the Healing School and Chief Executive Officer of Believers’ LoveWorld, Pastor Deola Phillips.  Pastor Dee (as the campers have come to know her) exhorted all delegates on the subject of “Becoming a person of influence.”  She shared ever so effortlessly, three important things in becoming a person of influence; she said, “Invest in yourself; win for God; and, invest in others.”

One of the campers, Bro Kevin from Australia, testified of the impact of the message, saying “I have received the message into my spirit…and I walk in it. Australia will never be the same!” Another participant, Sis Alena from Austria, filled with conviction, said “Before this conference, I was spiritually tired, but now I have been energized.” With so much boldness, sis Elena shared her new-found passion to live a life that is successful toward God through influence over the lives of others to God’s glory. One other camper from the United Kingdom, Bro Segun, told LoveWorld News correspondents that all the messages from the Easter Youth Camp so far have built on one another; he said “after learning about five levels of relationships, I now know what specific steps to take…invest in myself.” Hallelujah!

All the Easter Youth Camp delegates have been so blessed, moving from glory to glory, thanks to the man of God for the divine opportunity availed them. To close out the day, delegates watched clips from the Healing School and prayed in preparation for the final Healing Service coming up on Sunday, April 20, 2014.  Many cried in intersession as they prayed with earnest expectation for the upcoming Healing Service. Sis Elena from Austria stated, “I have never seen miracles before. Tomorrow, I will see miracles. I will laugh and cry…and take something back with me to Austria.”  Such are the expectations of eager campers looking forward to a new level in an unforgettable spiritual experience at the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. 

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