Week in Review: International Easter Youth Camp Delegates at Healing Service

Week in Review: International Easter Youth Camp Delegates at Healing Service!

Delegates of the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris 2014 arrived at the final healing service of the Healing School Autumn Session filled with excitement and expectation. The service which held on Sunday, April 20, 2014 had hundreds of students in attendance, ready to receive healing from all manner of illnesses. The Youth Camp delegates brought a peculiar aura into the atmosphere adorned in flags from 48 nations, adding to the already diverse population at the Healing School.

Preceding the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, were awe-inspiring worship sessions with special ministrations from inspiring worship leaders. In addition to the unique worship experience availed the Youth Camp delegates, they also listened to testimonies of alumni of the Healing School. Among the inspiring testimonies was that of a young man in his thirties who was brought to a previous healing service in an ambulance, strapped to a stretcher. Tears could not be stopped as he testified of his newfound perfect health since Pastor Chris ministered to him.

Pastor Chris' arrival was received amidst shouts of joy and gleeful anticipation from campers. Youth Camp delegates watched closely as the man of God's instructions to sicknesses and demons were followed by shouts of "I'm healed,"  by the students. Youth Camp delegates were thrilled by the compassion with which Pastor Chris ministered to all the students.

To crown the night, Youth Camp delegates were invited to celebrate and dance before everyone in attendance. The campers could not contain their joy and excitement at the opportunity to witness the miraculous firsthand. They return to their nations with the same healing anointing. Hallelujah!

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