Week in Review: International Easter Youth Camp Teaching Services

Week in Review: International Easter Youth Camp Teaching Services

For 3 days at the International Easter Youth Camp, Pastor Chris taught delegates from over 40 countries. Every night, campers prepared for the message of the man of God with heartfelt worship and theatrical country presentations by fellow campers. 

From Monday, April 21 to Wednesday, April 23, the delegates received the man of God with excited shouts of joy. Pastor Chris taught extensively on the ministry of the Spirit, emphasizing the value of the gift of prophecy to young people. According to the man of God, the youth can cease their future and prevent the sudden unfortunate circumstances that have plagued many people today, by speaking words of power. On two of the days, Pastor Chris gave opportunities to the campers to prophecy into the lives of fellow campers who celebrated their birthdays, providing opportunities for them to put the gift of prophecy to work.

Pastor Chris also gave the campers a rare opportunity to ask him questions, which he answered in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. One of the campers asked the man of God how to balance ministry work with academics; he responded with an interesting story of his personal experience in failing to prioritize appropriately. Pastor Chris educated the campers about urgency and importance; he said "all evangelistic activities are important, but not all are urgent. Examinations on the other hand are both urgent and important." With those words, Pastor Chris encouraged the campers to pay more attention to their academics without losing focus of the Holy Spirit's guidance in evangelism. As Pastor answered this question and others, the hearts of the delegates were encouraged, being reminded that they have the Holy Spirit for a helper.

On the final night of the camp, all delegates came in formal attire, excited to receive the blessing of the man of God through the laying on of hands. Before ministering to delegates, Pastor Chris called out those who required a healing in their bodies and ministered to them just as he does at the Healing School. There were tears of joy and exuberant jubilation as many of the delegates received healing, some from life-long ailments. After ministering to the sick, Pastor Chris laid hands on the delegates, imparting them with what he called "an anointing for [their] future." Many received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues that same night. It was indeed a night to remember with reference to new beginnings in the lives of the campers.

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