ReachOut Mauritius: First-Ever CityWide Rhapsody Distribution Campaign in the...

The Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities, takes to the streets of the island of Mauritius in a first-ever citywide Rhapsody distribution campaign in the predominantly Hindu society.

On March 29th 2014, Christ Embassy Mauritius had its first ever ReachOut Campaign with our Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities by Pastors Chris and Anita Oyakhilome.

Mauritius had never experienced a Christian rally of this magnitude like the ReachOut Mauritius Campaign (ROMA). Through the campaign, Christians have been emboldened and given a voice.  The people of Mauritius predominantly practice Hinduism and are acquainted with religious processions of Hindu nature, where devotees march the streets with bloody feet and pierced bodies or engage in long distance walks consistent with their religion's demands. Instead of the religious marches that the Hindu people of Mauritius are used to, members of Christ Embassy Mauritius marched the streets with glad tidings of the gospel packaged in our messenger angel, Rhapsody of Realities.

More than 210 people came to church the following Sunday and 107 gave their lives to Christ during the service. What a glorious beginning to the prevalence of our Messenger Angel on the island!

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King Isaac #eavz3 about 4 years
Wow wow!!! Glory to His Name forever