Today's Boost: Living the Victorious Life EveryDay

Today's Boost: Living the Victorious Life EveryDay!

On the first night of the Higher Life Conference United Kingdom, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD shared some very important tips on how to live a victorious life every day. Pastor Chris explained that Christianity is not a religion, but the God-life in a human being. He expatiated on how to walk in the path of life where there is no sickness, disease or failure. The scripture reference for this teaching was taken from Psalm 16:11 which says: “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” In explicating this teaching on the victorious life, Pastor Chris asked a rhetorical question, saying “Do you live in the presence of God? If you live in his presence, then you ought to have fullness of joy. The reason some people are frustrated is because they’re not living in the presence. They haven’t understood what Christianity is. Christianity is not a religion: It is the God-life in a human being. Christianity is divinity at work in humanity. Christianity is the outworking of divinity in a human being. Christianity is the Christ-life in you. It is a relationship.”

The hearts of the people were stirred as they listened to these faith-filled words from the man of God, Pastor Chris, who continued on to explain how to walk in the path of life and live free of sickness, disease or infirmities. He said, “When you walk in this path of life, it doesn’t matter what you were born with, it doesn’t matter what infirmity your great grandfather had; you can walk out of that condition. Because you’re a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away, and all things have become new. You may say, if I’m so valuable to God, how come I got these tumors in my body? Remember this, God gave you another life; and this life is superior to Satan, superior to disease, superior to every infirmity. So, how do you take care of the tumors? Just proclaim who you are and the tumors will dematerialize."

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Josephine Amponsah over 3 years
tendai mhingwa over 3 years
I am a ne creation. I have the the life of God in me. superior to Satan, sickness and infirmities
chinelo ochor almost 4 years
Halleuyah!Glory to God!
Bro. Tlholo Malope #CESA Z1 R2 Campus ministry almost 4 years
This is my place in CHRIST!
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okoh Chris almost 4 years
i am superior to satan praise the lord
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NaaZoë#CETorontoClayson almost 4 years
Praise God
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Venissa Collins about 4 years
I'm superior to satan
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PQ Derijker about 4 years
Godfrey Maparanyanga about 4 years
i love you pastor Chris
Godfrey Maparanyanga about 4 years
Thank you so much. i have been inspired
Flouish Owairu about 4 years
l tnk u pst. for dis. revelation d word. is powerful l know. who l am
Inetiabor Anita about 4 years
i love you pastor sir . thank you for teaching us the word .
Glory about 4 years
Thank you pastor, sir. I am victorious in every thing to the glory of God!!!!
Justice Arthur about 4 years
Susan Airen about 4 years
Am living a victorious life every day, hallelujah... Thank you pastor sir