Happening Now: Global Fasting and Prayer Communion Service with Pastor Chris

Happening Now: Global Fasting and Prayer Communion Service with Pastor Chris

The Global Communion Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, is now LIVE. In the broadcast studio and all over the world, hearts are worshipping God prayerfully. We have just concluded listening to testimonies of God's greatness in the month of April—the month of Laughter. At the last Communion Service with the man of God, the anointing was so strong resulting in specific words of knowledge followed by demonstrations of gifts of healing. Many from around the world have testified of their miracle as a result of those words of knowledge. 

Question and Answer Segment with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris has answered two questions already. He is currently answering a question from someone interested in knowing why the anointing could not cure Elisha even though it raised the dead after. Pastor says "the anointing will not so anything if you don't make it." Pastor makes a reference to the woman with the issue of blood; a demand needs to be made on the anointing. 

John from Nigeria asks how to have control over his wife who earns more than him and claims to be better than him in everything. Pastor Chris says that Christians have the Bible as something more than a constitution; the Bible is the Word of God that tells Christians how to live, in addition to other things. When you become a Christian, you must accept the Bible's rule on living. Pastor Chris tells John to learn from the scriptures how to relate to His wife; the Bible does not say the man should control His wife, yet it instructs the wife to yield to the control of the man. The man is required to love (Grk: Agape) His wife. (1 Peter 3:1-7 AMP)

Pastor instructs a woman who says she feels like she has lost love for her husband to do the acts of love, in spite of feelings of love or an absence thereof. IN our relationship with God, we do not always feel like we love God. God is not bothered; He looks out for our acts of love, not our feelings of love. 

Emmanuel from the United States asks if it is acceptable to forgive a person but disassociate from them. Pastor Chris says it may not be forgiveness if you decide not to deal with the person in anything at all. However, the Spirit of God supplies wisdom in dealing with such individuals as pertains to their original area of offense. 

Pastor responds to a viewer asking about the existence of grace in the Old Testament, since the Bible says "grace and truth came by Christ Jesus." He says that grace existed in the Old Testament as much as truth did; the only difference is that the law was God's reference point for dealing with man in the Old Testament while grace is God's reference point in the New Testament.

Aisha from Ireland also asks if it possible to lose a miracle. Pastor responds, reading from John 5:14, that it is possible to lose a miracle according to Jesus and even end up in a worse situation.

Pastor Chris discusses the future of the Gospel in response to a question from the audience. The future of the Gospel is that it will spread all over the world, and the future of the world is that it will be subject to the rulership and government of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris declares, "the future of the Gospel is bright," prophesying that nations that used to be antagonistic against the Gospel will begin opening their doors to the Gospel in these last days. 

Pastor Chris responds to a question about what Christians ought to focus on with the world economy in view. Pastor Chris says Christianity is a life in our spirits that comes with the Word of God to us, so we ought to be led by the Spirit and focus attention on the HolyGhost. He shows us how to operate every area of our lives. Someone also asked how to deal with the liberal agenda to frustrate the Gospel and Christianity. Pastor Chris says we can do so through intercession and specific strategies (actions) of the Spirit similar to the case of David's flee from Absalom in 2 Samuel 15-17.

Followers of @PastorChrisLive on Yookos selected a question for Pastor Chris to ask: how should doctors and undertakers pray to God to propser their business? Pastor Chris responds by saying that there is a law of service that causes men to prosper regardless of profession, so everyone ought to focus on their service and rendering it excellently. 

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