Healing School Summer Session 2014 Sponsorship Grand Launch

Event Update: Healing School Summer Session 2014 Sponsorship Grand Launch

The Healing School is God’s oasis of hope for the sick and ailing in the world. It is focused on extending the reach of the healing anointing on the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to every part of the world. Following the conclusion of the Healing School autumn session in Johannesburg, South Africa, prospective students are already preparing to attend the summer session in Toronto, Canada, which begins in a few weeks.

Ahead of the glorious upcoming summer session in Canada, today, Sunday May 11, 2014 was set aside as the sponsorship grand launch day. Starting today, partners of the Healing School have begun committing themselves to the upcoming session by:

Praying about the session.
Inviting someone to the session.
Giving towards the session.

Every year, students converge at different Healing School locations such as South Africa, Nigeria and Canada, with a hunger for God’s Word and a touch of healing from the man of God that will put an end to their physical and mental ailments. At these sessions, the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministers to the sick with so much compassion, commanding sicknesses and diseases out of the bodies of the students. Every healing service ends up in an avalanche of instantaneous miracles—cancers dematerializing, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing and much more.

With only a few weeks to the summer session in Toronto, Canada, it is time to start praying, inviting people and giving. Visit the Healing School website for further details. 

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