Oil and Gas Transportation Magnate Testifies of the Impact of the Teaching Mi...

From overwhelming debt to great success: Oil and gas transportation magnate testifies of the impact of the teaching ministry of Pastor Chris.

The teaching ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD has transformed many lives around the world, made a champion out of them and change destinies for good. Everyday somebody somewhere is being positively transformed by the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ as preached by this great man of God. With highly anointed messages contained in different formats (Audio, video and mp3) many have received the opportunity to create an atmosphere of the miraculous in their own lives anywhere in the world.

Mr. Franklin Akpa, a very successful shipping magnate, testifies:

Praise God! I used to be in debt; in fact I had 52 individual debts. I went from one trouble to the other until I came in contact with the teachings of Pastor Chris; these teachings have taken me from one who was in debt to an extremely successful man. The simplicity of the word makes the applicability easy and impactful.

For 14 years, I have remained with these teachings and I keep getting messages that I ensure I put to work. One of such impactful messages is “The God-Kind of Faith” and in that message Pastor Chris emphasized on how by faith we can receive divine health but prior to this time, I had to visit one hospital to the other. I can say that the moment I started to put the word to work, the results were instant and the testimonies keep increasing. I can boldly say now that I have moved from being a 52-individual debtor to a multi-billionaire. I’m so grateful to God and Pastor Chris, as his teachings have proven that anyone can become a success just by meditating and putting the word of God to work and believing it like a child."

Just like Mr. Franklin, you too can have a story to tell; all you need do is avail yourself of the messages. 

Watch out for the full episode of this amazing testimony and more on LoveWorld TV UK, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus, coming this June.

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Mfonobong over 6 years
Anything is possible.
Douye Degema over 6 years
thank you sir ....... Glowrayyyyyy to God
Chidinma Favour Obi over 6 years
thank u sir.... thank u lmt for this piece
Faith Abuka over 6 years
praise God. thank u Pst n LMT
Idowu Bankole Adeitan over 6 years
Glory to God