Pastor Chris Says: Focus on Service in your Profession

Should doctors pray for the sick to multiply or undertakers for more to die? Read this excerpt from Pastor Chris' answer.

In a recent episode of the monthly PastorChrisLive question and answer program, the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, answered a very interesting question sent by a viewer on the subject of the measure of success in a medical profession or postmortem service.

The viewer asked, “what is the right way for medical doctors and undertakers to pray to God for the prosperity of their businesses?” In other words, are doctors going to pray for more people to get sick or should undertakers pray for more people to die?

Answering the question, Pastor Chris said it is important for people to learn to look at their businesses from the standpoint of service rather than money. The medical profession is a service, likewise the undertaker’s job, and there is a natural law at work that causes blessings to come to someone (Christian or non-Christian) who renders service. All one has to do is to learn to be at the right place at the right time.

He concluded by saying, “you should be proud of what you do and don’t measure yourself with the amount of money you get out of it. If you continue, there is something richer than money and it is that deep sense of satisfaction you get from helping someone else fulfill his dreams.”

If you think that way, you will find out that there is no need to pray for more dead people or more sick people, because they are not the ones to pay you anyway. Money will come to you by certain laws that cannot be stopped.

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Dimakatso over 6 years
Thank you Sir
Lilian Ioryisa over 6 years
Such wisfom is like in the days of Solomon when he reigned as king!
ESLEY TRACY over 6 years
Pst Femi Olatunde over 6 years
awesome,thank you pastor. #cekano nvz3