Event Countdown: 2 Days to the June 2014 Global Communion Service

Event Countdown: 2 Days to the June 2014 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris

Every month, millions around the world await the Global Communion Service, a live simulcast with the man of God, Pastor Chris. Enthusiastic viewers owe their excitement to one or more of the different aspects of the meeting: the amazing question and answer session with the man of God; the celebration of Yookos Media Connectors; the breaking of bread and drinking of the wine; and, the big one—the sharing of the message of the month.

In less than two days, many will be gathered again to listen to precious words and receive inspiring words of prophecy and prayer from the man of God, Pastor Chris. Here is what a few past participants have to say about the upcoming Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris:

I'm so excited about our Global Communion Service with our great man of God, Pastor Chris; the excitement just keeps growing! You know, God has so graciously given our Man of God exquisite understanding of the Scriptures; apart from the message for the month and the Global Classroom segment, Pastor doesn't really teach much in the communion service. But, during the Pastor Chris Live [question and answer] segment, we witness wisdom at work. Just by Pastor answering questions, I get stirred in my spirit! In the month of May, our man of God, by the Spirit of God, declared it the month of "the Open Door" and that’s exactly how it was for me! I’m excited to hear what the Spirit of God has told our Man of God concerning the Month of June, but I know that it will be so much better than the last month, [only] from glory to glory! Anytime I think about it, my excitement grows!” – Jorghino O. (United Kingdom)

I am looking forward to the word of the month of June in this year of greatness. I know I will be promoted and I will leave the venue full of the anointing and more grace.” – John N. (United States)

Watch out for more comments and expectations and share your below.

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