Happening Now: Pastor Chris Live Q&A at the June 2014 Global Communion Service

Happening Now: Pastor Chris concludes answering questions on the Pastor Chris Live segment of the June 2014 Global Communion Service.

As is customary at the monthly Global Communion Services with Pastor Chris, the man of God answers questions from viewers around the world. Pastor Chris just concluded answering questions at the June 2014 Global Communion Service. Viewers like Sam from the UK asked the following questions and received responses immersed in divine wisdom as follows: 

How can you use the word “magnify” with God since it could mean making Him bigger than He is?

The word “magnify” also means to promote or to extol. That word and the word “exalt” refer to glorifying God, promoting His name and speaking of His greatness.

How do I stop stealing? Sometimes, I find that I can afford the things I steal, and I have tried to stop, but I cannot. (George)

Get the word of God into you. Change your meditation. (Romans 6:7-14 and James 1:13-15)

1. Until and unless you recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ, you will not live a righteous life. If you live to please yourself, you will sin, but if you live to please Jesus, you will not sin.
2. There is a power in the Word of God that we receive, and there is a power about the ministry of the HolySpirit to help us. Take advantage of that power.

Where does a Christian who commits suicide end up? (Victor)

Such a person will not go to hell for taking their own life; they will end up in hell for selfishness. Selfishness is the root of all evil. Live your life fulfilling God’s purpose. 

Can you differentiate between religion and Christianity and also explain James 1:26? (Sam, UK)

Religion is one’s recognition of the Supreme Being and one’s act of that recognition. That’s why sometimes it can be described as worship. That is why people pick different religions, because they say by that method they carry out acts of worship to the Being they regard as the Supreme Being. In Christianity, we are not living our lives in recognition of the Supreme Being only; we were born of Him. He lives in us and we live out His word. But, there is religion in Christianity; there is recognition and acts of recognition in Christianity.

What should a Christian’s attitude be towards gay people? (Lexington, USA)

There are no “gay people.” It’s like referring to "lying people” or “stealing people.” One person could be gay; it does not throw him or her into a “race” of "gay people." Such a person needs forgiveness as in every other sin, and he or she needs the power of God to live above it. 

Are there sins that God cannot forgive? (Emem)

Simply, no. Jesus died for every sin. 

I want some clarification on the city of Babylon the Bible speaks of. (Joe, Canada)

The Bible was not talking about Babylon in terms of the old city. Rather, it is dealing with a system that has the characteristics of old sinful Babylon.

Is intersession a calling or is it a responsibility for every Christian? (Fabisent, Lesotho)

Both. It is calling, but it is not a calling to some special people. It is to all of us. It is also a responsibility. However, some of us develop certain callings more than others, sometimes based on personal inclination, so much so that others think we are more called in that area than they are. If you develop any gift or calling (give it more time), you’ll become better at it. 

Can the dead see and hear us? Can we talk to them and they will hear? (Jonas, Russia)

You cannot interact with the dead; there is no permission given to either party. People who claim to do so employ familiar spirits. Familiar spirits understand and recognize the characteristics and behaviors of those they represent. (Luke 16:27-29)

What was there in the earth before for God to ask Adam and Eve to subdue the earth? Were Cain and Abel Adam and Eve’s first children? (Solomon)

Adam and Eve had many children, and they married each other until God instructed it to stop in the law. God asked them to subdue all of nature. When you farm, dredge the seas or build cities, you are subduing the earth, because you are making it conform to your desires. 

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