New Release: Every Tree A Forest

New Release: International Cell Leaders' Conference 2013 message, Every Tree A Forest, is now available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library app.

At the recently concluded Communion Service with Pastor Chris, the man of God announced the release of a special message title Every Tree A Forest. Culled from a special conference with the man of God, the message is a special training material for God’s end-time army for the strengthening and edification of all believers.

In the message this timely and special teaching of the man of God at the International Cell Leaders’ Conference 2013, he expounded on the prophetic word of the Spirit to every leader in the ministry enlightening all in attendance on a new grace available to multiply and grow their work as co-laborers. The man of God said, “We are trees of righteousness becoming forests. The potential is there in you to become a forest. All you will do is say what God says; what you should say and do is what he says you should do.”

Visit or the Pastor Chris Digital Library app on your Android or iOS mobile device to download this message and be transported into new realms of glory. 

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Bose B Adekagun over 6 years
Thank you pastor sir. I am a tree of righteousness#celagoszone1