Man is Healed of HIV and Hypertension after 9 Long Years

9 years of suffering from HIV and hypertension end with John Wusere's visit to the Healing School of Christ Embassy.

In 2005, John Wusere was diagnosed as excessively hypertensive and from that time until 2010, he was a regular in the hospital and was constantly on admission. As his health deteriorated, the doctor advised a HIV test, which turned out positive. His condition worsened when the doctor informed him that he could die at any time.

Days turned into months, but there was no improvement in his health, even with intense medication and therapy. He was heart-broken, living with the pain of watching his life ebb away and a constant fear of impending death.

Then one day, he saw a man in a white suit on TV, teaching words he had never heard before. “This was the moment I saw the light,” John says. He heard about the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris in Cape Town and attended the meeting, after which he joined Christ Embassy Belvedere where he received life-transforming Words.

When he enrolled into the Healing School of Christ Embassy in March 2014, John was confident that it was time for a change. He happily testified, saying “I attended every class and prayed every evening, feeding my spirit with the Word. During the Healing Service, Pastor Chris laid his hands on me, I fell under the anointing and I knew I had received my healing. Pastor Chris said to me, “It’s over now, God bless you” and I knew all was settled. I returned home and shared my testimony in church, then I went to the doctor and he conducted some tests. He returned with the results and expressed shock because all my results were perfect. Everything was normal; I am HIV negative and my blood pressure is normal. The same doctor who had warned me about death was the same one commending my good health! My life has been beautified, my business is booming and everything about me has been restored. I’m filled with joy; my body is no longer locked in pain and discomfort. I’m at peace and I’m happy! My family is well and we are reigning in love and happiness. Thank you so much Pastor Chris for bringing hope and life back to me!”

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