The Word of God Grows Mightily and Prevails in the Kingdom of Tonga

The flagship TV programs of the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris Teaching and Atmosphere for Miracles, impact the Kingdom of Tonga!

The word of God is covering the entire world, and the Kingdom of Tonga is not left out. The beautiful nation in the South Pacific is home to over 103,000 inhabitants. In the nation of Tonga, the word of God is growing and forcefully advancing through the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

The nation consists of 176 islands, and it is a tourist paradise with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Pastor Chris Teaching and Atmosphere For Miracles, the flagship television programs of the ministry of Pastor Chris are freely available on the television stations in the nation, and many souls are being won into the kingdom of God through them.

Lu’isa Mauhengi (‘Atata), an ardent viewer of the programs, testifies:

I love the word of God. Wow! I have struggled in life regarding problems with financial status. I have a loan at the bank, and I kept praying to God to help me.  When I received the word from Pastor Chris on Sunday, the 11th of this month, I realized that the answer is myself. I started to speak this revelation over me.  As the invitation for salvation came, I called the number, and I was born again!  According to Romans 10:9-10, I believe and I confess. Now, I am totally free!  I continue to confess over and over the Word in my life.” [Sic]

Christians in the nation are also being blessed tremendously. Siale Akauola, a Christian viewer, testifies:

Thank you, Pastor Chris for the teaching on television. We are growing more in the knowledge of the word. I am blessed with your teaching on Monday 19th. I received it with joy and excitement! My spirit jumped when I heard you share the Word.” [Sic]

The word of God is indeed transforming the nation of Tonga as men, women and children are embracing it through Pastor Chris Teaching and Atmosphere for Miracles, which are available on Tonga TV on Sundays at 9:30 pm and on DBN TV, Tonga on Mondays at 9:00 pm respectively. Just like in the city of Ephesus in the bible, the word of God is growing mightily and prevailing through Pastor Chris Teaching and Atmosphere for Miracles programs. The kingdom of Tonga has been changed forever.

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Douye Degema over 6 years
Glowrayyyyyy I love the word ......
Beverly Lawrence over 6 years
I'm so glad I'm a partner & a staff member of the Loveworld Television Ministry. More souls to be reached & I'm fired up!!!
Sophie Loyks over 6 years
Cecil Agyeman over 6 years
Justice Arthur over 6 years
Wow! I thank God for the privilege to Partner with LTM. These are the fruits.
Idowu Bankole Adeitan over 6 years
Glory to God