International Cell Leaders' Conference (ICLC) 2014 Expectations — Part II

BLW cell leaders share their expectations for the upcoming International Cell Leaders' Conference (ICLC) 2014 with Pastor Chris.

A divine annual appointment, the International Cell Leaders’ Conference with Pastor Chris, took off in July 2012 and has gotten bigger and better each year since then. The conference results in ever increasing impact and glorious testimonies in the lives of the participating cell leaders and executives. It has become an oasis for cell leaders in the Believers’ LoveWorld ministry to discover deep truths and the simplicity of God’s Word and to receive insight on ministering by the Spirit.

In the year 2013, the ICLC hosted thousands of leaders from several nations around the world. Every leader in attendance was treated to a majestic welcome in an atmosphere of love and fellowship.

From Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5, Godwin Udenk, a group leader shares his expectations:

Last year ICLC was glorious for us in my group; we started out as a fresh group carved out from some other group, without any structure. We were just five, but today we have grown to over 35 members. One of the things we got from ICLC 2013 was the fact that the field is ripe and ready for us and we need to do a little bit of work with prayers. For ICLC 2014, we know that the latter days will be greater than the former; we are getting the cell leaders and executives ready knowing that by the time we finish from the conference, our group would hit 500 membership strength by the end of the year, because we are going to receive the word of grace.”

Eromosele Moyose, a senior cell leader of Heritage PCF in Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5, LCC3A church, and a participant in the ICLC 2013 also testified:

I was at the last ICLC and had a wonderful experience. The climax of the conference was the word of prophecy given by the man of God that says ‘…every tree a forest.’ I left the conference with the word and so far it has produced tremendous testimonies. I am returning to ICLC 2014 from being a cell leader to a senior cell leader. My cell has increased, multiplied and split several times. I have produced leaders both in the cell ministry and in the departments in church. Now I am going to ICLC 2014 with a new expectation and target, which is to be the first PCF leader to build a PCF of a thousand membership strength as Pastor Chris gave the mandate 2 years ago, so I am going to receive impartation of grace with insight and wisdom to make this happen. Glory!”

There are many more similar expectations that point to a deep hunger for increased grace and multiplied results in all cell leaders, and according to the scriptures, their expectations will not be cut short. Eligible prospective attendees can find updates on the ICLC 2014 at

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