Zimbabwean Lady Healed from HIV and Asthma of 10 Years

10 years of suffering from HIV and asthma come to an end for a Zimbabwean lady at the Healing School of Christ Embassy.

43-year-old Edna Dlamini was diagnosed with HIV, asthma and lung infection ten years ago. In the years that followed, she suffered uterine infection, meningitis and back problems. She could not breathe or sleep properly. She could not control her bladder and had pain all over her body. The doctors told her she would have to be dependent on medication for the rest of her life. Edna had lost her job and could not cook or carry out simple household chores, resulting in a difficult and painful life for her.

Needing a change and believing in the power of God, she came to the Healing School of Christ Embassy, where she learned God’s Word and how to put her faith to work. After the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, ministered to Edna at a special Healing Service, she fell under the power of the Holy Ghost. She got up running, totally healed and finally free of all that plagued her.

Joyfully showing her new HIV negative report, she testifies of the transformation and change that has taken place in her life. Her family, friends and neighbours marvel at the miracle God has worked in her life. Life is beautiful once again for Edna.

Many more like Edna are destined for a divine impartation that will change their lives forever at the upcoming Healing School Summer Session in Toronto, Canada. The Healing School of Christ Embassy invites everyone to participate in the upcoming session through any of the following means:

1. Inviting/registering someone for the Session (www.enterthehealingschool.org/summer2014)

2. Praying for the Session (www.enterthehealingschool.org/prayer)

3. Giving towards the Session (www.enterthehealingschool.org/partnership

Swipe through the picture gallery below to see more pictures as Ms. Dlamini testifies.

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Mwongyera Solomon over 6 years
there is absolutely no disease our God can't heal! not even wen many great diseases get combined!
Catherine Kinyili over 6 years
Only God can do that ,, I thank him for the annoting et grace he has given pastor chris to heal people
Edivaldo Vieira Lopes over 6 years
Praise God
Idiata Divine Ejodame over 6 years
Michelle Paul over 6 years
Jesus is wonderful. -Ce Sydney
Cecil Agyeman over 6 years
glory to God
Kunle Adeleke over 6 years
Jesus today, yesterday and forever
Christabel over 6 years
wow God is ever good