A BLW Senior Pastor Talks About His Motivations for Participating in the Mini...

"I get to know the word of God more definitely and accurately," says Pastor TT, Pastor of Christ Embassy Asaba, in sharing his expectations for ICLC 2014.

Pastor Tuoyo Edun (popularly known as Pastor T.T.), a Senior Pastor in Believers’ LoveWorld, recently discussed his anticipations for the International Cell Leaders’ Conference (ICLC) with Pastor Chris, scheduled to begin on July 10, 2014.

Reading from Acts 18:24-26 (Amplified), Pastor T.T. shared his motivation for attending the program, saying:

Apollos as explained to us in the scripture above was cultured, eloquent, versed and mighty in the scriptures. But when Aquila and Priscilla met with him, they taught him the way of God more definitely and accurately. This is what always happens in my life and the life of those who attend these meetings with the man of God Pastor Chris. I get to know the word of God more definitely and accurately when I come to these meetings.”

Pastor T.T further explained that:

There is a uniqueness about us in the ministry, because there is a particular grace that Christ has given to us. There is a vision that Christ has given to us and when we follow it, the growth is remarkable. This is why I’m going to be at the ICLC, to receive these divine instructions that God has given to us as a ministry through our man of God Pastor Chris.”

LoveWorld News will continue to report updates on the preparations for the ICLC 2014 as the event draws closer. For more information on the ICLC, visit the website: http://www.ceclfonline.org/V2/ICLC2014/index.php.

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Angel Raymond over 6 years
wow iclc to me is a life changing meeting with greater impartation of the holy spirit.... i am going there to received all that God have in store for me..... what else could be More exciting than been on the master feet to receive the word of life and be inspired through the holy spirit and to hear the exploit of others all around the world.... this is a moment of transformation, upgradement,inspiration from the holy spirit and fellowshipping with other believers all around the world... where special grace will be communicated as our man unveiled the mind of God through the word to us.....I am prepared to receive the totality of God parkage in this Iclc..... thank you Sir for preparing our mind to receive accurate revelation into God plans and purpose for our life and be definite .I am highly expectant both spirit, soul and body. hallelujah what a glorious moment it will be..,, it is going to be hot in the spirit
Oyebamiji Precious over 6 years
thank you pastor sir for the enlightenment
Pastor Osas Eriyo over 6 years
I am a partaker of that special grace upon the BLW nation & am looking forward to a glorious ICLC
Rita Popo over 6 years
inspired by your comments sir. Thank you.
Sherry over 6 years
It will indeed be an experience of a lifetime
Amasa Jessica Edirin over 6 years
Thank you Pastor, this is the very truth.
Pastor Andrew Akhigbe over 6 years
Wow! It will be life changing for me!
Cecil Agyeman over 6 years
Ukate Festus over 6 years
am so inspired! what a generation of talkers. Hallelujah!
Dcns. Gloria Ayodeji-Fapohunda over 6 years
Absolutely Sir! It's a time to receive accurate revelations and insights into God's plans and purposes. I am rightly positioned to receive. Glory to God! #CE Warri Zone
Sis Knowledge Berejena over 6 years
Wow,Thank you Pastor Sir.I am so expectant.
Stella Oluyemisi Kadiri over 6 years
Glory to God.... definite and accuracy of God's will come to me. Halleluyah
Bevin Senda over 6 years
Thank you Sir!'definitely and accurately' awesome
Teniola Harrison over 6 years
I'm so expectant! ready to receive more revelations from the master!
Collins Richard over 6 years
Glory to God...Hallelujah
Gloria Kapfumvuti over 6 years
yes Pastor , accuracy
sammyfix over 6 years
awesome meeting for gospel stakeholders.
Collin Mufumi over 6 years
I will get know the Word of God more definitely and accurately. Thank you so much Sir.
Okpara Chinaza Henry over 6 years
Glory to God....I'm more accurate in all that I do
Ayodeji Olubusi over 6 years
Glory to God...more accurately!