Water Works!

Watch Pastor Chris expound on the importance of proper hydration in maintaining good health.

In this enlightening video, the man of God, Pastor Chris provides insight into the cause of many sicknesses and diseases — dehydration. In the words of Pastor Chris, "sometimes, the sickness or infirmity you experience is not caused by demons; it could be a result of insufficient water in your body." The man of God continued, to the amazement of many in the audience, went on to say "when a person gets dehydrated, the body takes water away from the weaker organs such as the eyes," thereby connecting eye defects to the same source of dehydration. 

Pastor Chris encouraged the audience to drink because their bodies need water and not due to the feeling of thirst only. According to the man of God, even if a person got healed from sicknesses caused by dehydration, without a lifestyle change, the same sickness could return.  

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Moses Charis Tettehvie over 3 years
Wow. .! glory...!#cewinneba, #accraghana
Sr Joy Increase Lamwaka about 4 years
Thank you so much Sir, this a great truth.
Tolu odupitan about 4 years
I've become more conscious because of this teaching. God bless the creators of this app for helping us get the messages of our Man of God
Adeleke Osibeluwo about 4 years
so insightful...thank you sir
Lanre Metta Williams about 4 years
Very true! my kids love to drink water often.... I am learning from them. Thank you Sir.
Pst Goke Adebayo about 4 years
Awesome teaching. Thank you so much sir.
Sylvia Bassey about 4 years
Thank you sir.
Pastor Chris ABODE about 4 years
Thank you, Pastor.
Nora Nkuku about 4 years
This is so true Pastor Sir, the importance of drinking sufficient amount of H2O can never be overemphasized. Thank you for enlightening our spirits and reiterating this fact. I love you Sir!
Eze Uche about 4 years
Thank you Pastor sir.
Patience Mutyamaenza about 4 years
Thank you Sir for the insight,,, I love you Sir .
Pet Christ about 4 years
thank you pastor sir
Boitumelo Aka Queenb about 4 years
Glory.....water intake is important it improves metabolism as well, so those struggling with constipation should try water intake and see the results. I love my water
A dehumidifier OLUREMI about 4 years
Pastor Osas Eriyo about 4 years
water truly works. thanks a lot pastor. I love you sir #cebeninzone
Tinuola Arowodasa about 4 years
The end has come to drinking too much of soft drinks coke,fanta etc...WATER!!! Thank you so much Sir for this insight.
Ives GOGAN about 4 years
tank you sir
Ps Ndzimandze Thembinkosi about 4 years
Wow! Thank u Pastor sir!
Testimony Kahky about 4 years
Thank you Pastor sir. CEWARRIZONE
Kingsley about 4 years
Thank you sir!