LoveWorld Internet Radio – A Strategic Tool for Gospel Penetration

LoveWorld Internet Radio expands the reach of the Believers' LoveWorld message.

LoveWorld Internet Radio is a special 24-hour Internet radio station designed to promote the Believers’ LoveWorld ministry’s message to the online world. This special platform through which the ministry impacts lives around the world accomplishes its purpose by broadcasting teachings from the man of God, Pastor Chris, as well as a variety of Senior Ministers and music artistes from the BLW nation.

LoveWorld Internet Radio has also proven to be a strategic tool for expanding the reach of the ministry’s message. Listeners from different parts of the world, including residents of nations where the ministry of the Gospel has been restricted, have testified of a divine transformation in their lives. LoveWorld Internet Radio is an effectual door made available to the BLW nation to make more positive impact around the world.

Abraham from the United Arab Emirates testifies:

Thank God for such a wonderful platform that has been a blessing to me and uplifted me. Thank you, Pastor Chris and the partners that made this available. God bless you richly.”

Anthony from Malaysia also reported as follows:

Praise the Lord for LoveWorld Radio which has been a source of inspiration to me; my faith in God's Word has increased so much that I am no longer moved by the things I see around me. I am a success, not a victim. Glory to God!”

Lilian from Ireland shares similar sentiments:

Dear Pastor Chris, I want to appreciate you for this opportunity. I get energized each time I listen to you. Thanks for the prayer, sir. I have been changed since I got connected. I am so grateful to God. God bless everyone involved in this station. You have changed many life.”

Listen to the LoveWorld Internet Radio 24 hours a day at

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Barr Jessica Wuga over 4 years
OMG LW internet radio ? BLW we are going places. Thank u Jesus
Adaku Amah over 4 years
This is beautiful
Stephen Eko over 4 years
Wow! Jesus must heard in all nations, Glorrrrrrr!!!
Daniel Uwem over 4 years
Pastor David Aleogena over 4 years
this is awesome
Pastor Olashile Salami over 4 years
Glory to God. We are indeed making progress! The word is prevailing mightily.
Emmanuel A Oyetunde over 4 years
Halleluuuuuuujahhhhh! so mightily grew the Word of God and prevail!
Cecil Agyeman over 4 years
Oshinaike Kayode over 4 years
wow this is amazing
Beverly Lawrence over 4 years
Yes, we are reaching the world at large. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Bishop Success over 4 years
It's an amezen app
Justice Arthur over 4 years
Glory to God. I use the App too. It's really good
Owah Collins Ewere over 4 years
wow glory praise God
Pst Funke Oke over 4 years