It is Time To Count Your Blessings

With a grateful heart, the Believers’ LoveWorld nation prepares to thank God for a remarkable first half of the year of Greatness.
“Count your blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!”

Quoted above is a hymn published in 1897 by Rev. Johnson Oatman Jr., which is probably one of the most inspiring thanksgiving songs ever written by a Christian. Centuries after, this hymn is sung around the world in thanksgiving, reminding believers of the Father's gracious and undeniable benevolence towards His children.

On Sunday, June 29, 2014, churches across the Believers' LoveWorld nation will have another opportunity to count their blessings, celebrate and give thanks to God for the marvelous works that he has performed in their lives in the first half of the year of Greatness. In triumphant procession, the Lord has led his people from the month of Consolation to the month of Laughter, from the month of the Open Door to the month of Prayer; indeed, every month has advanced in glory over its predecessor!

The Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Healing School and the International School of Ministry, Pastor Deola Philips, explains what thanksgiving is:

Thanksgiving begins by recognizing God as your source and appreciating Him for specific things he has done in your life. It is expedient to put pen to paper in accounting for God’s goodness in your life, because testimonies inspire faith and give glory to God among several other benefits."

With testimonies of salvation, spiritual growth, divine health, financial and material blessings, new jobs, promotions, marriages and the fruit of the womb, and so much more, everyone has got something to be thankful for. 

This coming Sunday, beyond the elegant outfits that members of the Believers LoveWorld nation are going to be clad in, their most conspicuous attire will be a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving to God for a remarkable half-year. 

It is time to prepare your thanksgiving seed offering and start inviting family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to the special service. As you count your blessings, it will surely surprise you what the Lord has done!

LoveWorld News will continue to update you on the BLW Mid-Year Thanksgiving Service.

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Dcns Glory Cehawaii over 4 years
Oh Hallelujah!
Lawrence Ebadan over 4 years
Hallelujah! The word of God is ever dependable. The message for each month has been awe-inspiring, bringing forth the fruits that it talks about. We are on a special divine journey and God is piloting us monthly by His word. I am particularly thankful for the ministry of the word of God so far this year. I'm thankful because it is granted me to know and understand the mystery of the kingdom of God! Gloooory!!!
Faith Izekor over 4 years
I am thankful for all the Lord has done in my life and that of family's, and love one. may his name be praise forever. Amen.
Idowu Bankole Adeitan over 4 years
Glory to God... So much as been achieved, so so much has been done...... 👏🙌🙏
Pastor Bisola over 4 years
Faithful is he that called us and he is worthy of our praise. Definitely Looking forward to Sunday with a grateful heart. Thank you Lord
Atinuolaoluwajade Omoregbee over 4 years
Yes indeed God has made me a wonder n I gave a lot to Thank him for. Thank u pst for this opportunity.
Teboho Qholosha over 4 years
With a greatful heart, I give thanks to God my Father for a marvelous half-year of Greatness. It's been truly awesome! In Jesus Name.
Simisola Ademuyiwa over 4 years
2014 has been a year of greatness for me, and I have so much to thank the Lord for already! Looking forward to Sunday.
naa-morkor Oppong over 4 years
I'm so so Greatfull to My God.Halleluya!!!
Adeleke Osibeluwo over 4 years
thank you Jesus!
Barr Jessica Wuga over 4 years
Alpha and Omega you are worthy to be praise . Am game, I will thank you for ever
Cecil Agyeman over 4 years
Juliet Osaro over 4 years
Juliet Osaro I'm forever greatful to God, for his awesome deeds in my life & that of my family. so I appreciate God for his faithfulness and I'm going thank him Big glory
Pastor Osas Eriyo over 4 years
God's been so good to us this first half of the year of greatness and its only proper that we appreciate him for his faithfulness and love. I am ready. #cebeninzone
Shalom Wealth over 4 years
Shalom Wealth #nvz3ceKano God has been gracious and wonderful to me. l have plenty to be grateful for.
Beverly Lawrence over 4 years
It's been a magnificent first quarter. God has been awesome and I have so much to be grateful for.
Tonderai Machiri over 4 years
I'm truly grateful for the great things God has done in my life. I'm ready for the opportunity to express my gratitude this Sunday.
Pst Sam Olubayo over 4 years
I am ready for the Thanksgiving coming on Sunday
Pastor Ifeanyi Ezechie over 4 years
God has done great things...
Tinuola Arowodasa over 4 years
I'm ready to thank God...He has been faithful to me.