Winner of the Future Africa Leaders’ Award 2013 Speaks on Impact of Atmospher...

“Atmosphere for Miracles…has awakened my consciousness of the supernatural,” says winner of Future Africa Leaders’ Award 2013.

In a recent interview with Ms. Sharon Sade Ajide, the winner of the first-ever Future Africa Leaders’ Award presented by the President of Believers’ LoveWorld, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, she expressed immense gratitude to God for the television program, Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris, saying:

Atmosphere for Miracles has really impacted my life. Through the program, I have come to realize that there is nothing called impossible. God is a healer. Now, I know that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me; therefore, I am impregnable to sickness. The program has awakened my consciousness of the supernatural. No disease can stay in my body, because I have Christ in me.”

Atmosphere for Miracles (AFM) is one of the flagship programs of the Believers’ LoveWorld ministry. Millions of viewers from different regions of the world have testified to the divine presence of God transmitted through the program, causing miracles to take place right in their own homes and offices, and even in hospitals and prisons.

When asked about the impact of the Future Africa Leaders’ Award (FALA) she received on December 31, 2013, the star champion of many youth development programs had the following to say:

The FALA is all about looking out for a human need and proffering solutions to that need. It is a call for me to look into the world and help so many other people in my sphere of contact. The award is a call to greater aspirations. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said to me that day that leadership is service. The award to me is all about doing more and that is my life’s commitment.”

To watch inspiring episodes of Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris, visit

View more before and after pictures of Ms. Sharon at the FALA 2013 Ceremony.

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Jeal Obi over 4 years
Sharon Sade Ajide over 4 years
its all about jesus
King Pso over 4 years
Congratulations to Sister Sharon, Glory to God.
Angel Raymond over 4 years
thank you Sir for this great platform and opportunity..... congratulation to sis Sharon.... we are inspired and God is magnifying us in the sight of the people---- we are on the goal for Jesus to the world.....
Stephanie Okpala over 4 years
"Leadership is Service" - No truer words! Thank God we have a Man of God who constantly seeks to improve us and make us better than the best! Thank you for this article #inspired! - Stephanie Okpala.
Dcns Glory Cehawaii over 4 years
Amazing. I'm inspired
Celestina Webber over 4 years
Congratulations sis Sharon, and I also thank God for my father in The Lord Pastor Chris superstar no one.
Pastor Ifeanyi Ezechie over 4 years
Idowu Bankole Adeitan over 4 years
Glory to God... This is inspiring
Bro Charles Silver over 4 years
I am personally so grateful to our man of God, congratulations to sis Sharon, There's is no stopping us
Anthony Nwachukwu over 4 years