Pastor Chris Concludes ICLC 2014 3-Part Message

Pastor Chris concludes ICLC 2014 3-part message.   

The man of God, Pastor Chris, has just concluded a special 3-day teaching that has engaged the emotions and spirits of everyone in attendance. No leader will consider the man Jesus, His message or His mandate the same way anymore. This message has already began to influence the ‘modus operandi’ with which cell leaders carry out their ministry of reconciling men to God. 

Discussing the mandate issued to believers all over the world by the Lord Jesus Christ, Pastor Chris reminded the attentive congregants that their lives were purchased by Jesus, so they ought to live it for Him. He reminded them of the sacrifice of the Master and their responsibility in heralding the news that He has made full payment for every man’s sins. “To know Him (Jesus) is to love Him, and to love Him is to keep His commandments,” reiterated the man of God. One of such commandments is the preaching of the Gospel as Paul expressed in 1 Timothy 2:7. 

Pastor Chris also touched on the authority of the Christian to remit or retain the sins of unbelievers, charging them with an important question as He said, “You have power to remit or retain sins. Which will you do?” According to the man of God, the mandate entails remitting the sins of men through the authority sanctioned to the believer in Jesus’ name.

In a compassionate display of the love of Jesus, Pastor Chris taught cell leaders to make no assumptions about the salvation of men when he called for those who had not been born again to come forward. The man of God did not disregard this unlikely opportunity to win souls, leading them in the prayer of salvation. Their questions have been answered, and their lives will never be the same. 

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Martins Seyi about 4 years
Thank you Pastor sir
Danielle Asanji about 4 years
My understanding of my responsibility in the gospel has gone to another level. This message has completely thrown me over. i need no other argument, i need no other creed...this message is enough.
Onyeoma about 4 years
I'm doing bigger things for God in this new ministry year
Sammy Odhiambo about 4 years
I have never before been energised by message! I feel so ready to go and finish this year with a bang in Jesus name. Thank you Pastor
May Ogedegbe Jarikpe about 4 years
Pastor sir am imparted for greater work.
Emmanuel A Oyetunde about 4 years
Am runing with that which I have been impacted with from this ICLC 2014 with all within Me! and Am making great difference!!!!
Pastor Noluthando Nyandeni about 4 years
Thank you Pastor Sir, for the Word that you have taught us? Necessity has been laid up on me to do the work of God. : Pastor Noluthando. Zone 1 South Africa
Ebong Ubong about 4 years
glory to your name
Pastor Akinmusire Akintoye about 4 years
I was impacted, enlightened and invigorated. Thank you Pastor Sir
Prince Gospel about 4 years
thank you pastor
Adiel Danda about 4 years
God be praised
Prince Nathan Lanquaye Lawson about 4 years
Thank you soon much Pastor Sir
Donald Museka about 4 years
What a message! Thank you so much Pastor sir!
Pastor Blessing Muziga about 4 years
Thank you so much Pastor. I have recieved so much in my spirit. New passions to win souls and to change my world. Halleluia!!!!!!
Sr Joy Increase Lamwaka about 4 years
Neccessity has been laid upon me like never before, am the man with the message and so the mandate to shout it to the whole world. glory tp God
Thank ye Daddy for enlighting me about de mandate,am a man on amission to accomplish my mandate
bro emeka udeh about 4 years
Sis Ngozi Udeh E . Thank you so dearly PASTOR. The visson is now so clear to me. The gospel will take another shape in my local church. Thank you so much.
Frank Kusi Appiah about 4 years
Thank you so much Pastor, I have received knowledge into my spirit mind.
Etuk Charles about 4 years
Thank you Pastor, I have an understanding now of which direction to go in ministry. God bless you sir.
EVANS OMOZUSI about 4 years
Thank you Pastor for such a timely message