Readers’ Favorite – When God Visits You

Readers’ Favorite – When God Visits You by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

Does God visit? When does He visit? How does one prepare for His visitation? What are the benefits of such visits?

In this timely classic, you will learn through the lives of Bible characters how you can position yourself for a visitation from God and experience that change you've so long desired.

Watch the above video to see the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, discuss the impact of this book. For more information and to obtain a copy of the book, call any of the following numbers: +234 808 665 6547, +234 808 665 6497, +234 808 665 6533.

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Sandra Ozougwu about 4 years
God has visited me. # ce Kano nvz3
Ethel Degui about 4 years
I love that reading list next week.
Maxwell Akwasi Afranie Bediako about 4 years
Must read book!
rosy cosy about 4 years
wow! thank you pastor sir. blwzonej
Simi about 4 years
ooh glory to god..
Mpho Godfrey Rithuri Pretoria#CESAZONE2 about 4 years
I love the book is insightful
Angela Joseph about 4 years
HALLELUYAH! its indeed a life changing book that will prepear u phisically and spiritually.....praise GOD FOREVER MORE
Dixson Chekecheke about 4 years
Glory to His name forever