Picnic Event for Children at Christ Embassy Charleroi

Christ Embassy Charleroi organizes a special picnic event for children.

The Lord Jesus commanded that the children be brought to Him, emphasizing their need for the Gospel just like every other living person. The Children’s Church of Christ Embassy Charleroi in Belgium takes this instruction of the Master seriously, leading them to organize various fun events throughout the year; these events make the children feel special, thereby opening the door for ministering to them.

Taking advantage of the beautiful summer, Christ Embassy Charleroi took the children out on a picnic trip to Parc Astrid (Astrid Park). The Children’s Church leaders taught the children gospel songs and hymns at the picnic; they also engaged in other exciting activities like a soccer competition and bicycle-riding lessons.

The most important aspect of the picnic was the ministration to the children; the anointing was tangible even as the word was shared. One of the children, Marie Thérèse, described her experience, saying, “I felt like an electric current passing through my body.” The future of the children of Christ Embassy Charleroi has been programmed in the line of greatness only.

Swipe through the picture gallery below to see inspiring photos. 

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Générose Muakanda over 5 years
Thank you Lord jesus
Miriam Okwuosa over 5 years
absolutely marvelous, go Christembassy Charleroi, you are positioned for greatness, love it
Nelson Oratokhai over 5 years
Hallelujah .. From Glory to Glory ... This is the morning of the youth lives in Belgium ...
Tonde Emmanuel over 5 years
whaoh!!! this is so great. I'm inspired to do something similar in my church. Glory to God. Thank you pastor for this inspiration.
My Name Is Nwabueze Ogoloma over 5 years
thank you lord
Pastor Ugochi over 5 years
this rocks!!!
Christian valentine over 5 years
Thank you lord jesus!
Vincent Love Kabiti over 5 years
Glory to God!!! our brethren in Belgium have taken the revalation higher
Ayeni Akintayo over 5 years
Amen! Thank you for influencing the next generation with the Gospel. Indeed, these are the heritage of the Lord.
Dcns Ayo over 5 years
Praise God! The future belongs to them. God bless you richly.
Gloria Kapfumvuti over 5 years
From glory to glory
Sandra Ozougwu over 5 years
This is great. # ce Kano nvz3
Onuma Max over 5 years
Ethel Degui over 5 years
The Belgium youth will never be the same...glory to God. Burning and Shining Ce Luton #CEUKZONE3
Dcns Chineme Mgbeike over 5 years
Jaelle over 5 years
Gloire a dieu
Esther over 5 years
les enfants de lumière
Mr.West over 5 years
Benjamin Jeremiah over 5 years
wow this is mind blowing
Eorge over 5 years
CE ACCRA GHANA- WINNEBA : that is great