The Miracle Faith Seminar Makes History in the City of Ibadan, Nigeria

Miracle Faith Seminar holds for the first time in the City of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The city of Ibadan, Oyo State, is located in South-West Nigeria, and it is the largest in West Africa by landmass. It is a city of many firsts: the first University in Nigeria, the first skyscraper in Tropical Africa and the first TV station in Africa.

The first Miracle Faith Seminar in the city of Ibadan held in the month of June 2014. The city witnessed a special visitation from God as the Healing School, in collaboration with Christ Embassy Ibadan South, organized a major outreach, the like of which has not been seen in the city in a long time. The 3-day programme was expressly full of the presence of the Holy Spirit; the anointing was tangible and the Word was ministered with power and grace.

A major high point of the meetings were live testimonies from several past students of the Healing School. Innocent Inglis-Ekeke testified of his daily experience of the glory-life ever since he was healed of prostate enlargement at the Healing School several years ago. Margaret Abel gave a lively account of her testimony of healing and salvation when she came to the Healing School and was gloriously healed of osteoarthritis and fibroid. Dominic Ogbuagu’s story was particularly touching as he told the congregation how God miraculously healed his dislocated hip bone.

Faith and hope filled the hearts of many as they listened to these riveting testimonies. Their expectations were surpassed as Pastor Gabriel Omorogieva, the host pastor, ministered to the sick under the unction of the Spirit of the Lord. Several were healed of various ailments, and they came forward to testify to the glory of the Lord! Many gave their lives to Christ during the programme, signalling a new beginning for their lives. Over 2,200 people attended the programme from within and around the city of Ibadan and every one of them will never be the same again.

The Miracle Faith Seminar is coming soon to a city near you. For more information, visit

Swipe through picture gallery below for photos from the MFS in Ibadan.

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Nwokwu Michael over 5 years
glory 2 God Almighty
Olasupo over 5 years
Glorious things are always spoken of thee...
Ayeni Akintayo over 5 years
Wonderful! This is so inspiring and amazing. Thank you for this life changing experience.
peggywealth over 5 years
WOW!!!Glory to God.
Glory Wamala CEC UGANDA over 5 years
Awesome time indeed. I can just imagine. we had an awesome time too in Uganda and peoples lives were never the same again. congratulations to everyone that was apart of it.
Esther Echeghe over 5 years
Dear Lord Jesus ! I was there LIVE !!! It was amazing ! Three days of AMAZING WONDERS! Thank you Lord God for your HEALING POWER! Thank you dear Pastor Sir, for saying YES to God.
Pastor Olohirenuan Tor over 5 years
Glory to God! #CE Taraba, NVZ3, Northern Region Nigeria.
Ethel Degui over 5 years
Glory, we have been anointed to do as Jesus did..the world has not seen anything yet..the giant is awaken to her calling. Burning and Shining Ce Luton
Pastor Andrew Akhigbe °[PATH] over 5 years
Glory!!! •°°{Liquid Love With Zero Viscosity}°°•
Jeremiah Charis over 5 years
by Ctrl
Bulelwa Lukhozi over 5 years
WOW.... GOD IS AMAZING!!!! This is beautiful
Maxwell Akwasi Afranie Bediako over 5 years
Am not left out at all in what happens in BLW Nation. Thank you Loveworld News.
Owah Collins Ewere over 5 years
glorious meeting #ce Ukraine abuja zone
Pat Chinedu over 5 years
Glory to God our Father Almighty, of a truth glorious things will they continue to speak about us in all the nations of the world for God is with us and in us all healing the world.Hallelluya.
SINO SAB66 over 5 years
Christ Embassy indeed is more than a church,it's truely a vision where lives are been giving a new meaning;wow! always be a part of any exercise going on in any of our meeting near you.halleluyah.#CE ABA ZONE.
Arc. Livingston Okpakhalu Daniels. over 5 years
This so Glorious.Thank you Pastor Sir for the rare privilege to be part of this powerful meeting. I love you always.
Deacon Leo Oshiomegie-Otsu over 5 years
Wow! There is God in Ibadan ooo
Olajide Oyekeye over 5 years
WOW!!! Glory to God. Pastor G thank you for taking lbadan to the next level.
Ayanda Mbayiwa over 5 years
glory glory
Ifeyinwa Whitney Ubah over 5 years
Hallelujah!!! Thank You Jesus!