CEFLIX – Fashion

Watch – Ava shares her passion for fashion on CEFLIX. 

With CEFLIX, anyone can have their song heard across the globe and demonstrate their unique gift or talent on a global stage. It is the opportunity of a lifetime; users can upload videos on the CEFLIX social web TV app and share their dreams with the world! 

Subscribe today at www.ceflix.org.  

Watch the video above and learn how you can use CEFLIX to share your passions.

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Evelyn Asante Larbi over 5 years
Our lights are shining so bright. Thank you Pastor Chris for such a great platform. Sister you are bless
Pastor Paul Christ over 5 years
Ethel Degui over 5 years
Maxwell Akwasi Afranie Bediako over 5 years
Wow! Good work! Keep it up sis!
Afolabi Tomori over 5 years
What a platform !