Should A Christian Experience Labor Pains?

Watch – Should a Christian woman experience labor pains?

A brand new question and answer video has been made available on the Pastor Chris Online website to address some important questions any believer may have considered. One of such is whether new creation women are supposed to experience labor pains during childbirth.

Of course, we read in the book of Genesis 3:16, “in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” However, “For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ,” according to Romans 5:17.

Considering the scriptures above, the question arises, why do Christian women still experience labor pains?

Watch the video above to gain divine insight into this issue. The full Q&A video including answers to other interesting questions is now available at

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Pastor Shirley Ogba over 4 years
Thank you Pastor Sir for yielding yourself to the Lordship and dominion of the word of God. This question was timely and I'm glad that you have answered it beautifully. By faith, I will have a testimony as a result of this video clip in Jesus name.
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tinotenda Machikiti over 4 years
thank you Pastor Sir
Kingsley Nwafor over 5 years
thank you pastor for the answer very on its hard zone
nsimbi richard #CE JINJA EAVZ3 almost 6 years
wow this is quite instructive
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Andrea about 6 years
thank pastor for the word
Edina Mhuru over 6 years
Glory to God.
Flouish Owairu over 6 years
Tnk u for. exposing. me to truth
Onen over 6 years
Jesus is coming very soon are you ready so be ready
Naomi Orisakwe over 6 years
Jesus is coming soon! Maranatha! Only love, follow peace with all men and holiness without no man shall see God. Pray for one another daily concerning this please brethren!
Evelyn Asante Larbi over 6 years
Thank you sir for bringing us revelations daily
Amanda Ncobo over 6 years
Thank you Pastor for giving us Gods word so richly.
Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka over 6 years
Thank you Pastor for reminding us of who we are in Christ, and what we have. We were created to rule and reign over all the circumstances of this life, and that's the life we live. .
Pastor Paul Christ over 6 years
No pains
Vikelwe over 6 years
Laura over 6 years
Thank you so much sir
Ada Amuta over 6 years
Thank you pastor sir for the word of God that you have impacted in my life. CE warri zone.
Ada Amuta over 6 years
The more of God's word you know, the more it is revealed and expressed through you. CE warri zone.
Dorcas Obeng over 6 years
Thank u pastor for God's word that u have impacted into my life God richly bless u