LoveWorld TV Ministry Exposes Rwandans to the Influence of God’s Word

BLW Television Ministry reaching a potential of 12 million Rwandans.

Rwanda, a sovereign state in Central and East Africa, is being impacted by the gospel according to the BLW Nation.

The word of God, through the TV Ministry of Pastor Chris, is gaining more grounds as transmission of the ministry’s flagship programs commences on TV1, Rwanda. This is an addition to the existing broadcast on Rwanda TV and Yego TVTV 1, Rwanda has a potential viewership of over 12 million people.

Through this awesome feat, powered by partners of the LoveWorld Television Ministry, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is being heard and celebrated by millions in Rwanda.

For more information on partnering with the LoveWorld TV Ministry, visit  

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Rhoda Mushanga over 5 years
Wow! Keep up the great works.....glory to Jesus!
Pastor Blessing Muziga over 5 years
Praise be to God
Edrisa Kimuli over 5 years
the gospel is marching on
Faith Tochi over 5 years
Glory to God.The church is marching Forward
Pastor Paul Christ over 5 years
Praise God
Glory Wamala CEC UGANDA over 5 years
glory to God.wuuuuuuuuuuu.excited.
Moyo Aigbochie over 5 years
I thank d Lord for this..... Glory to God
Pastor Louis Osademe over 5 years
The Lord is good
Adebanji over 5 years
Wow glory to God.
Pastor Adams Jones over 5 years
Glory to God. Thank you all dear partners.
Leonia Mutoni Karugahe over 5 years
Glooryy halleluiah. The gospel is taking over
Ifeanyi Obiazi over 5 years
Pastor Andrew Akhigbe °[PATH] over 5 years
Blest be God!