Jewels Group Visit to Shelter for Abused Women and Children

CE Randburg 2’s Jewels Group visits shelter for abused women and children.

Jewels, a women's fellowship in Christ Embassy Randburg 2 Southern Africa, reaches out to the Bombani Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Alexander, Johannesburg. The shelter, a haven of support for battered women from adolescents to adults with or without children, offers temporary secure lodging, feeding, clothing and counseling to victims of abuse.

On their second visit, Jewels installed the LoveWorldSAT decoder right in the shelter. They also distributed copies of Rhapsody of Realities for the month of August, Rhapsody Bibles, Rhapsody Teevo, groceries, clothes and shoes. The women also asked for electric kettles and irons. What a liberating time it was for the women as the Jewels Group shared the word of God with them from the Messenger Angel, leading all to Christ.

Confident that only with the word of God can help these women be fully recuperated, rejuvenated and made whole in their spirits, souls and bodies, Jewels have committed to visiting the shelter every month.

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Martha Kasowa over 5 years
Glory to God for liquid love flowingnto these women and children
Pastor Noluthando Nyandeni over 5 years
Thank you for changing lives of the Bombani shelter with your love and the Word of God. Hallelujah.
Liezel Dreyden over 5 years
praise God forevermore
Gladness over 5 years
WOW it's amazing what love can do. Jewels group you are the BEST!
Sammie Omo-Aihevba over 5 years
Sandra Phakathi over 5 years
praise God these women will not forget wht the Lord has done. the Jewels are doing it for our Lord. the lives of these women will not remain the same. We praise God for the work well done
Dcns Titilayo Oluremekun over 5 years
Praise God. The lives of these women will never remain the same. Halleluyah
Nana Lubamba over 5 years
wow ! great Jewels,keep going up.God will increase. I am proud of you all.I miss you.From Nana Lubamba
Herbert Maziriri Campus Ministry S.A over 5 years
Thats love.Jewels nation rocks!!!
Bulelwa Lukhozi over 5 years
Wow... this is very touching Jewels Nation!!! Touching lives with the love of Christ
Faith Tochi over 5 years
Wow..Jewels group giving lives Meaning.Glorrryyyyyy
Mercy Mhlanga over 5 years
Wow, Congratulations to the Jewels group for the great work you have done....May God richly bless you!!!
Princewill Nwanganga over 5 years
This is just an expression of the love of Jesus... How touching.
Pastor Paul Christ over 5 years
Weston Kamanga over 5 years
This is wonderful. Hallelujah!! Groly to God. Their lives will never be the same
Ericah Mbizi over 5 years
This is awesome. The women's lives at the shelter will never remain the same.
Pastor Kunbi Grillo over 5 years
O Glory to God, these women and children have been placed on the right path and their destinies are forever transformed....imagine Loveworldsat beaming the Word right into their space.
Angels Ngwenya over 5 years
this is awesone
Dcns Olusheyi Yomi-Adelodun over 5 years
Giving lives meaning and changing destinies.
Shiwa Kambata over 5 years
wow!! this is truly inspiring. may tje Lord multiply your labour I love as you are extending his Kingdom and his goodness.