Christ Embassy Uyo 'Days of Grace and Greatness’

Christ Embassy Uyo organizes 5-day event, ‘Days of Grace and Greatness.’

On Sunday, August 10, Christ Embassy Uyo concluded a special 5-day program tagged ‘Days of Grace and Greatness.’ Attendees were blessed with the word and the anointing through inspiring ministers such as members of the BLW CEC, Pastor Amobrose Isesele and Pastor T.T. Edun, and the Pastor of Christ Embassy Aba Zone, Pastor Archie Aseme.

In his message, Pastor Archie gave an expose on tithes and offerings, sharing in-depth revelations with the brethren regarding the sacredness of their tithes and offerings. Pastor Ambrose, teaching from Hebrews 3:1, taught the brethren to fix their attention on the truth of God's Word and to use it to compel life’s unpleasant circumstances in their favor. Pastor T.T. Edun taught on the subject of grace and its impact with the brethren, showing them how to activate it in ever-increasing measures.

Also ministering at the event were anointed Gospel artistes Buchi, Chris Shalom and P.U. Through their ministrations, the atmosphere was supercharged, stirring the hearts of the brethren in readiness to receive God’s Word and the anointing.

Christ Embassy Uyo will never remain the same, because the seed of grace and greatness has been planted in the soul of the Church. 

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Samson Daveson Ere over 5 years
glory, I have the seed of grace and greatness in me
Chinedu Sylvester over 5 years
Days of grace and greatness was a life changing meeting an event I called wisdom for the future.and I was so blessed.
Pastor Muyiwa Matthew over 5 years
This is inspiring and awesome. Glory to God.
Ethel Degui over 5 years
Amen...from glory to glory
Pst Sibigam Charles over 5 years
Amazing, inspiring.
Grace Eyah Antigha over 5 years
it was an awesome meeting. I fully bless in every section of the program with different anointing men of God especially the last day of the program. wow wow wow!!
Titus Tsiri over 5 years
wow wow wow. Glory to God
Pastor Ugochi over 5 years
oh! Praise God!! what an awesome meeting
Dianabasi Akwaowo over 5 years
It was indeed Grace and Greatness conference. We were so imparted with greatness from these great men of God. Halleluijaaaah.
abraham joseph samuel over 5 years
greatness and grace was impacted to my spirit for effectiveness.......glory to God
Ifeyinwa Whitney Ubah over 5 years
The Word of God is growing mightily and prevailing!!! Amen!
Agnes Ainoo over 5 years
it awesome
Pastor Paul Christ over 5 years
Pastor Andrew Akhigbe °[PATH] over 5 years
PRAISE PETERS over 5 years
Wooooow Awesome!! My Pastor Emeka I love you dearly Sir. Ever increasing glorrrrrrry
Nwaneri Azubuike over 5 years
Excellent. I really wish we could get a link to the message script
Jonathan Bassey over 5 years
It was a great meeting indeed
Olajide Oyekeye over 5 years
WOW CE Uyo can not be the same again. Congrat to CE Uyo.
Pastor Pearl over 5 years
so inspiring