Pastor Chris' Ministrations at IEYC 2015 (Session II)

Pastor further enlightens delegates, saying "If you ever want to fulfil your destiny, it will be in helping others."

Yesterday’s evening session was full of exciting and interesting performances. The youth were deeply enthralled by groups and individual presentations from Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Hawaii and Germany.

Special presentations.

The delegates watched a film about Steve Saint, whose family, despite the murder of his father by the Auca people of Ecuador, reached out to the same people and got them converted to Christ.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, continued with the message on the 3 important keys to a successful Christian life.

Expounding on the grace, he pointed out that, "The subject of grace is so important in the Bible, because it makes you understand how we can have boldness in the presence of God. Grace means that you don’t rely on your personal qualifications. It is not about how much you're doing but what He’s already done; Jesus qualified for you."

Pastor Chris expounds on the 3 important keys to a successful Christian life.

He also threw more light on the power of the love of God. "If you ever want to fulfil your destiny, it will be in helping others; your desire should be relevance to others. That’s greatness, and that’s where miracles come from, because you then have the love and compassion of Christ. Jesus never healed anyone to prove his power; all the good He ever did was out of love."

The delegates' expectations heightened when the man of God announced that the meeting today will be of a different kind. It promises to be a time of celebration and elevation for all.

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146577680013 tempavatar862452570
Pastor Oluyinka Stephen about 4 years
Thank you so much Pastor for this great vision. The future is so glorious. CE Olufemi, Ojuelegba group, Lagos zone 3
148722869257 tempavatar95367506
Otshepeng.Mandevu about 4 years
awesome..inpiring events fir the youths..wonderful!
144538762609 tempavatar 1969734592
Andrea about 4 years
wow wonderful generation to come
Afolarin I. Akinfolarin about 4 years
Chris Valentine about 4 years
thank your Pastor.
Chris Valentine about 4 years
the love has full my room as i read throught
145729897988 tempavatar483041087
Ovie Akiri about 4 years
147275725942 tempavatar 860929287
SAMSON MOGAJI #CE JOS,NVZ4. about 4 years
Ida Soguilon about 4 years
The future indeed is bright because Giants in the Lord are being raised! Oh thank Pastor Chris Dad! Glory to God! Halleluiah!
Sarah Zikusoka Dako about 4 years
Praise God! These youth are blessed of the Lord. They are taking the Gospel back to their nations which will never be the same. CE Labadi, #CE Accra Ghana Zone
Pastor Diana Sebulelo about 4 years
the future is great and capable hands, thanks to our man of God Pastor Chris and the healing school team.
Sarah Mubure about 4 years
Wow what a blessing for our youth
Blessing Agina about 4 years
No one is left out. There's a space for all in the body of Christ. God bless my Pastor Chris. #blwzonek
Sam Jackson about 4 years
144683718005 tempavatar 993886515
Osarenren Ogedegbe about 4 years
It's's fun to be with Pastor. Thank you so much sir.#CEBAUCHI NVZ4
Paula Muyanga about 4 years
glorrry to Jesus
144507935689 tempavatar1033612990
Gugu Sangweni about 4 years
wow blessed are this generation
Pastor Isaac about 4 years
I am so inspired #Ce Accra Ghana Zone
144448043636 tempavatar669346525
babson aine about 4 years
wow. what a generation ! thank you Pastor Chris for coming to us in the name and Love of Jesus. i love you.
144526814160 tempavatar 1221745159
louis essel howard about 4 years
thank you Pastor Chris For giving our life a meaning by accepting the call of Lord