‘8 Days of Meditation’ Kicks Off with Contemplation on ‘the Blessing’

Take 15 minutes out of your day to get immersed in the blessing on the first of ’8 Days of Meditation’.

The global immersion study program on the New Year Message, tagged '8 Days of Meditation', has taken off, with brethren around the world committing themselves to make full proof of the prophetic declarations concerning the BLW Nation in 2018. It only takes 15 minutes everyday to use the study guide, downloadable at http://bit.ly/8dom2018/ along with a special video of the day available for FREE on the Pastor Chris Digital Library app.

Today's subject is 'the Blessing' — excerpted from Pastor Chris' communication of the supernatural elixir that brings supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health. Find out how God's blessing for you in this year can produce 10 years of progress in this year by watching the featured excerpt above or downloading via the PCDL app.

The study outline is available in English, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Telugu and Shona. Spend time meditating on the video above and the content of the outline, praying in the Spirit. Through these times of contemplation on the Word, the message of the year is sure to produce outstanding results in your live.

Remember to post your testimonies from '8 Days of Meditation' on KingsChat with #8dom2018 and #8daysofmeditation or email them to tips@loveworldnews.com. You can also post inspirations in the comments section below.

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sis adeola oluwanoiki 9 months
Zibisani Moitshephi Mothowetsho 9 months
Hello everyone, please clear something up for me. Is it day 2 of meditation or day 3 today?
Tsigbey Josephine 9 months
Thank you Lord Jesus for coursing me to prosper.
Tsigbey Josephine 9 months
I love you Pastor
144576540854 tempavatar1931779463
wisdom goka 9 months
thank you pastor sir
Bro Walter Makoni 9 months
If earth is like this how more heaven .
Victoria Mlobeli 9 months
Glory to the Lord! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Thulani Qwabe 9 months
Hallelujah! Thank you Pastor Sir.
Israel oloche 9 months
151905585347 tempavatar2070367783
carine zoe 9 months
149894431044 tempavatar377766542
Wonder Joses 9 months
Glory to God, i experience the seven- fold experiences, it is my presnt hour realities Hallelujah
RITA VOTI 9 months
Pulane Staat 9 months
Gloryyyyyyyyy to Jesus thank you Pastor Sir Ian Supernaturally bless
anitha ncube 9 months
Amen! Glory!
Gwenn Chimuti 9 months
Glory! I'll see and experience the blessing of God upon my life this year! thank you Sir! #cesazone5
Stephen Otagbo 9 months
Glory! I'm the blessed of God!
Obehi James 9 months
awesome... i am so blessed. i have been infused with divine abilities. successful outcomes have been evoked for me. i am favoured. i have been made to prosper beyond this world. Glory to God. #CEACCRAGHANAZONE #CeMataheko2
144681228306 tempavatar1419178017
Dcns Tembisa Mabentsela 9 months
Thank you Sir....I am the blessed of God!...This is my declaration and my statement of faith.
Benedict Ogbue 9 months
I am blessed in the filed and in my going out and coming in
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
#8dom2018. #day1 #PCTpcdl Benedictions+October 2017The month of Blessings+ 5 Blessings in His Name= I have an invocation that confers, invokes, authorizes, or shares prosperity, power, ability and contented state of being happy, healthy and successful; on me in Words of prayer, therefore I have repentance, remission, eternal life, health and the Holy Spirit's ministry of housing God, ministering Him, having True Hope, exercising control over the flesh and circumstances and praying in the Holy Ghost.