A Spectacular Opening Ceremony at the 2017 ISM Ministers’ Network Conference

Thousands of ministers from around the world assemble for "a gathering in the unity of faith."

The 2017 edition of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network (ISMMN) Conference commenced yesterday, April 3rd. Delegates from all around the world were warmly received at a welcome banquet earlier in the day, and they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the agenda for Kingdom expansion this Year of Flourishing at the Connect Center.

Members of the South Korean delegation give a remarkable presentation.

The evening session began with an extraordinary Opening Ceremony, featuring spectacular presentations from South Korea and Australia, a Roll Call of Nations and a special parade where representatives from every nation proudly brandished their national flags and stood in the gap for their countries.

Cross-section of delegates as roll call of nations is made with a colorful display of flags.

In her welcome address, the ISM Director, Pastor Deola Phillips, heartily greeted all delegates gathered for this special time of fellowship, inspiration, blessing and transportation to a higher level of glory. “Though we serve in various ministries, we are one body, having one hope and one faith in our Lord. We have become an unstoppable, formidable force for the establishment of God’s Kingdom around the world,” she said. She went on to catalogue some of the significant attainments made by this extraordinary fellowship of ministers in the past year, citing that, “this conference will further strengthen our oneness and lift us to do greater exploits in the Kingdom as God’s team.”

The esteemed Director of the ISM addresses delegates.

In a special address given by the BLW Director of Church Ministry, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, he highlighted that the conference is, “a gathering in the unity of faith for the purpose of the gospel.” He further assured the delegates that there will be a total turnaround in their lives by reason of the conference. “What comes to mind about this conference is what you will take away from here. There’s something new, something fresh coming to your spirit. You will be charged with renewed fervor and zeal,” he pointed out. He rounded up his address by urging everyone to avoid distractions and to open their hearts and minds to the ministry of the Spirit at this life-changing event.

CEC Member, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, charges the eager delegates to make the best of the conference.

The evening session was further punctuated with several inspiring talk shows and amazing reports from ministers in the ISM on the impact of the Gospel in their respective nations. The guest speaker for the evening, Bishop Tamas Raki from Hungary, stirred the attendees to grow their passion for the salvation of souls and to promote the glory of the Lord in the earth.

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Glory to the Lord! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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We Praise You Lord. Yes Lord, for You are Wonderful Lord. Hallelujah
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Awesome indeed. Praise the Lord..Thank you Pastor Chris Sir..Thank you for teaching me the word of God..It has changed my life forever
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So awesome. thank you Pastor for giving me the privilege to be a member of this great Nation. #CEJos CNVZ1
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thank you pastor chris
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Thank You Pastor Chris Sir, vhE Rev. Tom, and hE Pastor Deola for sharing God's Word with the hE Ministers and having fellowship of the Holy Spirit with them as well.
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spectacular event! Glory to God
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Expanding the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you Pastor. #cesazone5
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Glory to God. Thank you Pastor Sir.
Norah Veremu about 1 year
Expanding the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you Pastor. #cesazone5