Afikpo Town Experiences Two Nights of Revelation and Miracles

Truth of God’s Word brings salvation, deliverance from 10 years of headaches, partial paralysis and more.

John 8:32 — "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!" — This scripture was fulfilled in the city of Afikpo, Ebonyi State, during the special 'Two Nights of Revelations and Miracles' program with Pastor Peters Oyeyemi. 

The people listen with rapt attention to God's Word.

The Word of God was taught with great clarity as Pastor Peters revealed to many, who travelled from far and nearby cities, about God's dispensation of grace. Over 250 people responded to the altar call, with many signs and miracles taking place on the first night.

Pastor Peters ministers with divine authority.

On the second night, the atmosphere was charged as more than 3,000 people listened with rapt attention and great expectations as Pastor Peters began to teach on the person of the Holy Spirit; "the Holy Spirit is the most important personality on earth today," he said, letting the congregation know that this third-person of the Godhead lives in all who receive Him. 

Many step forward to give their hearts to Christ.

It was like the day of Pentecost as many came out to give their hearts to Christ, and over 350 came also to be filled with the Holy Ghost. The same Holy Spirit began also to heal and destroyed the power of darkness in the bodies of many. A woman with stroke and partial paralysis was healed instantly, while a young man with 10 years of headaches was healed by the power of God. Many dropped their walking aids, while skin infections, partial blindness and other ailments were healed, filling the city with great joy.

A woman shares her testimony with joy.

Experience moments from the special program in the picture gallery below. 

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Glory be to God!!
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Glory God.the word is efficacious