Atmosphere of the Anointing at the First Healing Service in Autumn Session 2017

Uplifting songs and earnest prayers open up a much-anticipated time of the miraculous.

The first healing service of the 2017 Autumn Session has commenced, and the Healing School auditorium in Johannesburg, South Africa, is abuzz with excitement. 

LMAM artiste, Viwe Nikita, leads the congregation in songs of praise and worship.

Uplifting songs of praise and glory fill the arena as thousands worship in perfect rapture. Many have long awaited this day, when their questions would be answered and their problems brought to nought.

Visitors to the Healing School respond with great joy in praise and thanksgiving.

Making power available for the miraculous through fervent and earnest prayers, the congregants at the service have the atmosphere charged up with the anointing. The dreams and hopes of many will be fulfilled as the man of God demonstrates the love and compassion of God for all to see.

Cross-section of students and attendees at the first service in the Autumn Session.

The first healing service continues to unfold, taking us higher and higher. Stay connected to LoveWorld News for more updates.

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Sis Kelly Mo (CE Botswana) about 1 year
God you are awesome
stella tamuno about 1 year
thank you Lord. #CEPHZONE3, model 1. #CEGRA.
Francis Kadjie about 1 year
Thank you Lord. #ewcavz4
Christopher Dondo C E Belvedere Zone 5 about 1 year
Flourishing on every side. #cesazone5
Mutinta Hamoonga about 1 year
Hallelujah. It was awesome and Glourious
winnie about 1 year
indeed it's is our year.. glory to God
Abegunde Sunday about 1 year
Glory to God #ceaccraghanazone
Ibubeye Oyioloko Briggs about 1 year
Great are you Lord! #ceph zone 2.
Julia Njiko about 1 year
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ
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Emma about 1 year
A glorious moment with the HolyGhost
olanrewaju oyetunji about 1 year
Pastor Chris Sir, thank You Sir for functioning as the Man of God today in the anointing of the Holy Ghost.
Fabeku Tomisin about 1 year
148791898274 tempavatar 1285036608
prosper Kumatror about 1 year
wonderful, indeed is our year of flourishing.
Josephine Mensah about 1 year
Glory to god forever
kome Jacques Christian about 1 year
stay bless cecamerounvirtuelzone4
kome Jacques Christian about 1 year
stay bless dear partenaires
kome Jacques Christian about 1 year
merci cher(e)s partenaires pour votre donne qui amène la guérison au malades, l'espoir et la vie aux hommes et femmes dans le monde .que le seigneur Jésus-Christ qui donne la semence aux semeurs continu a vous donnez pour changer d'avantage des vies au
kome Jacques Christian about 1 year
Gloryyyy la puissance de Dieu a l'oeuvre
147837010744 image
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 The Greater one lives in us. Everything that we put our hands on become prosperous. We are champions. We are unstoppable. Hamba Christembassy hamba!!!! Phambili
Chrisma Asa about 1 year
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah, We love Lord Jesus. Hallelujah