Atmosphere of Worship at Ministers' Final Session with Pastor Benny Hinn

Environment of worship and prayer sets the stage for Pastor Benny's final session with ministers.

The 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn has attained a crescendo through sessions of dynamic teachings and uplifting moments of worship and praise with thousands of ministers transported from one level of glory to another at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena.

Music minister, Eben, leads the congregation in worship.

Moments ago, the final session in this glorious encounter with God's Spirit in divine revelations and impartations kicked off. LMAM artistes, Sinach, Eben, Jahdiel and more have helped to set the stage for a zenith in the Spirit's plan for the congregation of ministers through awe-inspiring worship and praise. 

A minister testifies to the impact of the sessions thus far.

The BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, acknowledged the heightened expectation in the atmosphere as he welcomed the healing evangelist. Pastor Benny Hinn, upon taking the stage, led the ministers once again in rousing worship to the Lord through powerful songs and hymns.

The BLW President welcomes Pastor Benny Hinn to the stage.

At the conclusion of this session, the future of nations will be secure through the preparation of God's Spirit at work in participating ministers, now fully equipped to take the message of Christ's salvation to the ends of the earth with boldness and confidence. 

To join the conference, visit Pastor Chris Online or CeFLIX; you can also click on the main image above to join the LIVE stream, while the program is on. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing conference.

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144432979151 tempavatar790883205
Flora Eigbe over 1 year
It is indeed a new era and the move of the SpirIt, Glory to God! #ceukzone1
149779986577 image
Lucretia Marinda over 1 year
Africa for Jesus
144412724007 tempavatar 1180071208
Evelyne Ekedi over 1 year
Thank you Jesus! #ewcavz4
Chrisma Asa over 1 year
147837010744 image
Evelyn Fanti over 1 year
#ceaazone4 Thank you Pastorchris and Pastor Benny with words of wisdom that you imparted in our lives in this conference. our lives will never be the same again. I am inthroned. I have been renewed I received soo much. Glory to God. Thank God Thank God for Jesus. Hallellujah!!!!!!
147116757537 tempavatar 1139060226
samuel ifeanyi over 1 year
The church of Jesus have finally taking its place of dominion, power and influence. Glory to God, Thank you Rev Dr Chris and pastor Benny Hinn for changing the world and lives for Jesus before the coming of our King Jesus. #cephzone2
Victoria Mlobeli over 1 year
Glory to God! That's remarkable. Thank you Pastor Benny Hinn & Pastor Chris. I love you Sir.
Ngozi Uzowulu over 1 year
Awesome. #CEPHZONE2
144444446738 tempavatar1783580842
Vivian Onwuchekwa over 1 year
Thank you Pastor Benny for stirring us more to know the deep things of the scriptures. I,m so blessed by your messages. Thank you sir.
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
We Cherish Every Second ( with our Mums, Mothers)! Thank You Pastor Benny Hinn for your very special gifts, thank you sir for blessing us!
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
Mums, Mothers come once in all eternity! I honour my mother! #nswz1
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
Close proximity, doesn't get better than that; does it? Are you celebrating? Glory to God! No struggle! I just spread my wings: The Wind is blowing again..... Hallelujah! It is blowing now! Ghana's next.
geley sonam lama over 1 year
praise the Lord.....
147544484696 tempavatar487843051
De Prince Missionary Christian over 1 year
144449390094 tempavatar1694769220
Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal over 1 year
The program has impacted my life in a special way. I am so grateful to my man of God and father for organising this program. A big thank you to Pst Benny Hinn for pouring out yourself into all of us. I am so grateful to God for birthing me at such a time as this. I love you Lord
152201570692 image
Ethel Degui over 1 year
I will forever be grateful for having participated online. I am received revelation on and about the anointing
Mpho over 1 year
We are grateful to our Dear Man of God for the pastors' conference ministry, healing & evangelism with pastor benny hinn.atmosphere worship ministers' final session pastor benny hinn 3 - day special pastors' conference pastor benny hinn loveworld convocation arena music eben, lmam sinach, eben, jahdiel BLW president, reverend (dr.) chris oyakhilome, pastor benny hinn BLW president pastor benny hinn pastor chris online cflix live loveworld news