BLW Citizens in Houston Testify to the Impact of the New Year’s Eve Service

Experience the New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris through the eyes of brethren in Houston, Texas.

Many arrived at the Christ Embassy Houston auditorium for the New Year's Eve Service with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, expectant for that rhema word that would launch them into a new season of blessings. 

Brethren listen patiently for the word of the Spirit for 2018.

All the congregants participated in every aspect of the service from the very beginning till the BLW President declared 2018 'the Year of the Supernatural'. Shouts of joy filled the auditorium as attendees took a hold of the word with faith and meekness. The glorious event ended with amazing display of fireworks to announce the arrival of the new year. 

Celebrating the announcement of 2018 as 'the Year of the Supernatural'.

Watch the featured video to listen to testimonies from Pastors, leaders and brethren present at the December 31st Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris. Remember to like, share and post comments in the section below.

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this is supernatural
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Amen glory to his wonderful year Supernatural thank you Pastor Chris I lovve yo
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indeed it's supernatural all the way woo hoo