BLW Nation Celebrates Her Riches — Esteemed Partners — at Presidential Awards

LoveWorld Presidential Awards 2018 celebrates the supernatural impact of partnering individuals & churches.

The LoveWorld Presidential Awards ceremony, closing event of the BLW ministry year, is one of the most anticipated events of the year, filled with glitz and pageantry, pomp and glory, as exquisitely arrayed delegates shines as stars in the firmament.

The black-tie evening affair mimics the Great Day of the Lord where “every man shall receive His own reward!” LMAM artistes serenade the congregation with songs to inspire them to do more for the Lord, reminding the delegates that the coming of the Lord is near. Every moment of the night is to be relished as most outstanding partners in the work of the ministry are recognized in grand style.

Stay tuned for LIVE updates from the IPPC LoveWorld Presidential Awards, exclusively on LoveWorld News. 

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Ornella Wealths 6 months
153531746839 image
Dcns Ethel Degui 6 months
Congratulations to our U.K. choir...glory
Kenneth Nwabueze 6 months
its 10yrs in one! im not thru!
iosub 6 months
tu Nou vieții La mult ani frumos mult binecuvinteze fericit!!!! Decembrie 06-12-2018 !!!! La multi ani tu toate oamenii frumoase mult foarte bine fericit Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia aleluia amin mulțumesc !!!! 31-12-2018 Nou 2019!!! Fericit Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia aleluia amin mulțumesc
iosub 6 months
Adevărat Dumnezeu familia acum zile biserica muzică Nou Fericit frumos mult foarte bine fericit toate oamenii rugăciune biserica Domnul sa va binecuvinteze tine te iubește Isus Hristos regele împăratul adevărat Dumnezeu familia da ajute binecuvinteze Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia aleluia Amin Mulțumesc Adevărat Nou vieții tu Pastor Chrs binecuvinteze toate zilele vieții frumos mult foarte bine acum Zilele Anii tine Adevărat Dumnezeu familia da ajute Dumnezeu binecuvântare Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia aleluia Amin Mulțumesc si Decembrie ziua tu La
saint barbara 6 months
Ezekiel Precious 6 months
such a glorious moment with the man of God pastor Chris
Okonicha Chukwuemeka Michael 6 months
Good life happening in our nation.