Bold and Beautiful Women Conference Inspires Virtuous Women

Bible characters, Sarah and Mary, cited as examples to women at Christ Embassy Don Valley conference.

On Saturday, September 21st, hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds across Toronto gathered at Christ Embassy Don Valley, Canada, to be part of the second edition of the special women’s conference aptly tagged ‘the Bold & Beautiful Woman’ with Pastor Gold Allen.

A cross section of attendees at the special women conference.

Exhorting the women during the conference, Pastor Gold taught on key lessons learned from the accounts of inspiring women in the scriptures. She cited the story of Sarah as recorded in Genesis 17:16 and Hebrews 11:11, as well as that of Mary in Luke 10:42 and encouraged the attendees to recognize the inner beauty within their spirits as the glory of God.

Esteemed Pastor Gold Allen, Pastor CE Don Valley, exhorting the women present at the conference.

Pastor Gold charged the women to give themselves to diligent study of the Word and fellowship with the Holy Spirit as Mary did. She also urged them to give expression to the spirit of boldness they have received, and be determined to fulfill the purpose and calling of God for their lives. The attendees had their hearts stirred by these Spirit-filled words and many rejoiced with joy and praise to God.

Pastor Gold ministering special blessings to the women under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

The conference also featured an enlightening talk show session on our Purpose in Christ, inspiring spoken word, and soul-stirring moments of praise and worship. The glory of God permeated the auditorium and everyone received a divine touch from God. Pastor Gold ministered specially to women experiencing sickness or pain in their bodies, and many received their healing. She also gave an altar call, and many responded joyfully, giving their hearts to Christ. 

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