CE NNWZ1 Inducts Over 300 New Converts at Get Acquainted Party

New converts in every group Church across the zone inducted. 

On Saturday, February 27th, 2021, Christ Embassy, Nigeria North-West Zone 1 organised a special 'Get Acquainted Party', which took place across the Zone in the various group churches.With over 300 first timers in attendance, the special event organised to get the new converts abreast with the mission and vision of the LoveWorld Nation, greatly impacted all attendees.

A cross section of attendees at the party.

At the zonal Church in Kaduna city, the zonal Pastor Pastor Marcel Obode, enlightened the first timers on the importance of the cell system, service departments, ministry apps and partnership arms. The vision of the ministry was also communicated during a talk show segment. While in Christ Embassy Zaria Group, the esteemed Group Pastor, Pastor Rudolf Smith ministered the word in the fullness of the Spirit to the new converts and first timers present.

Special panel discussion with the esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Marcel Obode.

The Attendees shared their testimonies of their experiences and the impact the Word, Foundation School and contact with ministry materials on their lives. There were also various ministrations in music, dance and drama by members of Christ Embassy, Kaduna, LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM).

An attendee testifies to the impact of God's Word on her life.

The attendees were assigned to cell groups and service departments. Many of the first timers received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues for the first time, as they were ministered to at the event. What a joy to see the new converts fully inducted into God's endtime army, ready to spread the Gospel to the regions beyond.

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Ewande Jeanne Agnes #EWCAVZ4 8 months
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anna21s 9 months
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Northern Nigeria Region 9 months
This is exceptional!
"Jennifer Ozofor" 9 months
"Olachi Muna" 9 months
wow awesome time, the mind-blowing testimonies, thank you pastor sir for the opportunity to win souls
Eze Uche C. 9 months
This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, truly the church of God is marching in victory and more labourers are being added daily. Glory to God! It was indeed a great event with the esteemed Zonal Pastor -Pastor Marcel Obode.
Pastor Aminoritse Jemide 9 months
What a beautiful time it was with the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor Marcel Obode. Pastor we love You dearly Sir
"Samuel Adinya" 9 months
Glory to God
161979226019 upson 2
Ibeleme Amos Uche 9 months
It was an amazing experience and an awesome time in God's presence. This is just the beginning.
161979226019 upson 2
Ibeleme Amos Uche 9 months
This is beautiful and this is just the beginning. Glory to God.