Churches in US Virtual Region Begin the Year of Flourishing with Special Service

Rev. Tom Amenkhienan ministers divine blessings to brethren throughout the US Virtual Region.

Delegates from Hawaii, North Carolina, Illinois, New York, California, the District of Columbia and other states are assembled at the Hilton Baltimore BWI with brethren from Maryland and neighboring states for an extraordinary service. 

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor addressing brethren on-site and in participating churches.

The Regional Pastor of the US Virtual Region and esteemed CEC Member, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, has come in the fulness of the Gospel to bless an excited congregation in the auditorium and churches participating LIVE throughout the region. The service comes on the heels of a 2-day Fasting and Prayer Conference with Pastors, Deacon and leaders throughout the region.

Pastors responding in worship.

It is worthy of note that this special service comes exactly one week after the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declared 2017 'the Year of Flourishing'. At the end of this service, the brethren would have been positioned to better walk in the light of the new year's message, producing fruits consistent with luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity.

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Pastor Chinenye Opara over 1 year
wow. glory to God!
144551298372 tempavatar 1447287104
okpo blessing udo over 1 year
146691713849 tempavatar665948281
Theresa Owete over 1 year
Glory be to Jesus .Glory!!!.
144723876710 image
Steve Nyimbiri over 1 year
praise God alleluyah ! Zambia Group
daniel wambua over 1 year
Olusola Mesagan over 1 year
naderjafari over 1 year
hi i am far away from you recently i joined to understand you and your felasophy for huminbeings hope you write simply to understand me. nader
Nobuhle Museka over 1 year
wooooow Glory to God. Amazing News
144446623007 tempavatar2083022972
Safetu Ajose over 1 year
What a slingshot into 2017! My life has transformed.Thank u Pastor Chris&Rev.Tom.
Larsey Mensah over 1 year
praise the Lord. #ceaccraghanazone
144597868169 image
Ifeyinwa Ubah over 1 year
Hallelujah!!!! I'm flourishing #celagoszone1
144492941181 tempavatar1234210828
Ehis Olumese over 1 year
Thank you Sir for impacting us for the next level. We have moved to another realm of flourishing with significant attainments and persistent productivity
Macaulay Ehonor over 1 year
This is awesome. Thank you Pastor sir for taking the message to the virtual regions and zones.It is indeed our year of flourishing on every side by the power of the Holy Ghost to the glory of God.
148402295269 tempavatar 1840572730
Francis over 1 year
Awesome indeed! What a time of refreshing in the presence of the Holy Spirit with our highly esteemed Rv Tom; and I was present Hallelujah!
Pastor Famesha over 1 year
Times of refreshing from the Spirit of God....
Brighton Chitamba over 1 year
The flourishing has begun ... So soon!!! #startingearly #startingstrong
144412724007 tempavatar 1180071208
Evelyne Ekedi over 1 year
Merveilleux! gloire à Dieu! #ewcavz4
144465845583 tempavatar 818844940
King Roland Ebegbe over 1 year
Far beyond this world! ...and I was present! Blessed be God. Thank you Rev Sir, thank you USA VZ 1 & 2 for the grand opportunity.
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka over 1 year
Comfort Mantey over 1 year
A glorious encounter with the Spirit of God!