Churches in US Virtual Region Begin the Year of Flourishing with Special Service

Rev. Tom Amenkhienan ministers divine blessings to brethren throughout the US Virtual Region.

Delegates from Hawaii, North Carolina, Illinois, New York, California, the District of Columbia and other states are assembled at the Hilton Baltimore BWI with brethren from Maryland and neighboring states for an extraordinary service. 

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor addressing brethren on-site and in participating churches.

The Regional Pastor of the US Virtual Region and esteemed CEC Member, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, has come in the fulness of the Gospel to bless an excited congregation in the auditorium and churches participating LIVE throughout the region. The service comes on the heels of a 2-day Fasting and Prayer Conference with Pastors, Deacon and leaders throughout the region.

Pastors responding in worship.

It is worthy of note that this special service comes exactly one week after the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declared 2017 'the Year of Flourishing'. At the end of this service, the brethren would have been positioned to better walk in the light of the new year's message, producing fruits consistent with luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity.

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Pastor Elijah Agyapong over 1 year
Life-changing service. It's not like before. #newyorkmegalopolis
Nyasha over 1 year
Glory to God. #cesazone5
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Pastor David Royals over 1 year
Intense. For sure got drunken in d Holy Ghost! Amazing time with the LORD. Hallelujah
144594827294 image
Pastor David Royals over 1 year
Glory to God Almighty ❗️Glorious
147078761945 tempavatar 218234996
Yvonne Chidi Ekpe over 1 year
The meeting was out of this world. Simply put, Heavenly!!!
148958293060 20161127115005 img 0588
Michael Carter over 1 year
The US will never be the same. The takeover has started!
Leafe Amosa over 1 year
it was a glorious gathering
151163896318 tempavatar326085405
Bro Christian Emiyah over 1 year
What a service! The glory was so much. Emerged soaked, loaded and transformed. I produce much fruit!
148391563518 tempavatar 1282438242
Tabitha over 1 year
Ify Nwankwo over 1 year
Glory we have Holyghorized to flourish!!!
144409470233 tempavatar569147145
Sis Ife Oresanwo (CE Baltimore, USA) over 1 year
What a service! My life is forever changed. I'm a NEW creature. I'm a talking, walking, moving spirit!
Joy Agbodza over 1 year
praise God #ceaccraghanazone
cacildajaime over 1 year
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
Great news! Highly Esteemed BLW USA region, God's gonna use you to do Great things, to do Mighty things!
144525388845 tempavatar 1562616853
the spreading continues. Glory yyyyh
Pastor Abby #CephZone2 over 1 year
wow Glory to God.
149321196075 tempavatar 1220039830
Paul Gombingo over 1 year
Glory to God!
Mpho over 1 year
We cannot but thank our Dear Man of God for the word which came forth for 2017, 'the year of flourishing.congratulations to the regional pastor and cec member rev Tom Amenkhienan on a successful 2-day fasting and prayer conference with the Deaconary,pastors and leader.congratulations to the ongoing special service with the churches in the united states,hawaii,north carolina,illinois,new york,california,the district of columbia and other states assembled at the hilton baltimore bwi with brethren from maryland.other churches are participating live throughout the nation.
Jessica Chinagorom Ogbonna over 1 year
yes we have the mandate to flourish
144491645984 tempavatar 181219828
Zaynab Enakimio-Adenuga over 1 year
Ooh! Glory to God